Learn How Matt Coffy Grew His Agency To The 7 Figure Mark

Matt Coffy is the owner of CustomerBloom—a highly successful agency serving the Healthcare Niche (Medical Spas). He didn’t intend to build a marketing agency. He began working for himself to get the most out of life.

Summary Of The Video

His original business model was a worldwide SEO agency that took every client he could get in every part of the world. Over the past five years, he has changed that model to a finely-tuned digital marketing agency that focuses on the medspa niche. He didn’t set out on his journey because he loves medspas. He just did amazing work for them, and watched his clientele bloom. Listen to Matt’s experiences to learn how finding the right niche can help you grow a seven figure agency.

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Here is what we cover:

  • How he chose his niche
  • How he landed his first 5 clients
  • How he markets the business today to bring in clients on a consistent basis
  • How he fulfills and gets the work done for his clients while keeping his focus on sales & business development

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] How did Matt Coffy get started in a marketing agency
  • [10:33] The real driver to sales is in the relationships he has created
  • [16:39] How did his company evolve into the medspa space?
  • [19:57] What services does he provide for his clients?
  • [27:58] How does he use his profit engines to help his clients?
  • [35:03] How does he package and price his services?
  • [46:47] How did he get his first medpsa clients?
  • [56:31] How is he planning to grow within the medspa space?
  • [61:40] How does his business model work in the real world?
  • [70:30] Do less work and more play
  • [74:55] What is his advice to others?

How did his company evolve into the medspa space?

Matt’s agency has definitely morphed over the past 5 years. His company went from being very general with clients all over the globe to ultimately breaking into 2 separate companies, to finally niching down into the medical field, and now most recently he has begun to focus on medspas. He found that the medspa industry is a much happier space and is not as depressing. How did the evolution of his company happen? He says it was easy to do good work. He began to think, how easy can I make my life? How can I work less and make more? As soon as he stopped trying to force things to happen, things began falling into place.

What services does he provide for his clients?

Matt feels that more than the services that he provides, what is most important are the solutions that he provides to his clients. As he worked more closely with clients, he began to wonder what was driving them. He feels that he provides his clients with 4 main solutions.

  1. He helps them stop wasting money. Often when he takes on a client he notices that they are wasting money all over the place with little results. He asks them what their goals are as a company. He helps them understand that they need to analyze why they are doing what they are doing.
  2. He then asks his customers: what are they trying to accomplish? What is their mode? Are they concerned with the welfare of their patients? He asks them to think through the patient journey and really put themselves in the patients’ shoes.
  3. Next, he thinks about the customer’s patient acquisition. He analyzes the cost for his client’s to acquire a patient. This is a point in which his company excels. His company is able to provide excellent value in cost per patient acquisition.
  4. The last thing he provides is creativity. His company is providing services that no one else is doing in his industry. He has helped his clients create unique follow-up systems that allow them to manage and monitor their new customer’s experience.

How does he use his Profit Engines to help his clients?

Many of his customers don’t have any business savvy. They have no idea what is the best way to market and follow up with customers. They are great at the procedures they do, but they don’t know anything about business. Matt uses his unique Profit Engines service to track his clients’ potential leads. The Profit Engines are full circle marketing programs proven to work in almost any industry. The Profit Engine process of offer, to lead, to sale, is the ideal path to customer conversion. What he is trying to do is to solve a bigger problem for his clients. He is basically taking away all of the worry and anxiety a business owner feels at 2 a.m. when they are up wondering if they followed up with a potential lead. In addition to the Profit Engine, each week his employees go through the data generated to see if they can have a bigger impact on the cost per lead for each of his customers.

How has niching down freed up Matt’s time and allowed him to get the most out of life?

Matt has discovered that by niching down he has been able to finally scale his business. Now that his company is finely tuned he can play more and do the things he loves to do. He didn’t go out to find a certain niche. He let the niche find him. He discovered that his niche was driven by his success in the area. After doing great work for one medspa the word of mouth recommendations began to flow. He feels that finding an influencer in the field is the best way to find clients. This way he isn’t selling to anyone, he is just bridging trust. By building strategic relationships he has begun to let the clients flow to him. Discover how to niche down and let the clients find you by listening to this episode with Matt Coffey.

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