We love to spotlight our successful members who are doing amazing things in their agencies. In this agency success interview, I have a conversation with Nick Hoard from Nick The Marketer & Urgent Care Marketing Pros. We talk about how he made the leap to pass the 7 Figure Level (Over $83K MRR) this past quarter!. We’ll also cover what his program looks like, how he lands clients, how he retains the ones he has. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:01] Learn more about Nick’s agency
  • [2:05] How Nick got into digital marketing
  • [5:55] Nick’s packages + programs
  • [13:26] Why only doing Facebook ads is problematic
  • [17:40] Key pivots that accelerated their growth
  • [30:30] The benefits of a local workforce
  • [33:34] Nick’s tips and strategies to land clients
  • [48:34] What they send in their welcome box
  • [51:27] How Nick finds salespeople for his agency
  • [56:00] Determine what is “enough

Nick’s packages + programs

Nick hit about $40,000 a month in revenue and started questioning how to move forward from there. So Nick started looking for different ways to package his services. At the time, they sold a $3,500–$5,000 website and tried to upsell SEO for their clients by sharing that SEO and paid ads were the fuel to get their sites in front of everyone. Nick likes to say, “A beautiful website motivates no one if they don’t ever see it.”

Now, Nick offers three packages: Activate, Elevate, and Dominate. The Activate package is their drop-sell, and it’s just solely PPC. It’s designed to generate leads for their clients. The Elevate package is designed to build a relationship with the client. It includes a website, SEO, and one PPC platform (plus ad spend). The Dominate package includes building a website, SEO, paid ads across many platforms, and social media.

Once they switched to package pricing, it completely shifted Nick’s mindset. You want to do business with the right clients that you can get the best result for so you can sleep at night. If you offer a la carte options, it allows you to say yes to the wrong client. They stopped saying yes to the wrong clients.

Key pivots that accelerated their growth

The #1 thing Nick did was change their sales process. Their sales strategy used to be focused on “we will deliver you leads” but now it’s focused on metrics their customers care about. It can be anything from making an impact on their community to sending their kids to college. The purpose behind finances is far more important. When you can shift that mindset in your prospects, you’ll close more sales.

The 2nd pivot they made was choosing to work with Seven Figure Agency. They quit pretending like they knew everything and spent time with a group of people who knew what they were doing. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. Change your sphere of influence constantly. Get around other successful people that have accomplished what you’re looking to accomplish.

What are the benefits of a local workforce versus outsourcing overseas? Listen to hear Nick’s take!

How Nick uses LinkedIn to reach out to prospects

All of Nick’s marketing efforts are to attract urgent care providers. He recommends using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, And We-Connect (and a plan). The We-Connect chatbot views the page of the person they’re trying to connect with. If they view you back, then the bot sends them a connection request. At this point you can automate or get personal—they get personal.

Nick’s sales team will thank them for connecting and send a personalized response. If the prospect responds, they’ll send a Loom video that looks at their website and competitors and shares how Nick’s team can fill in the gaps—but only if the client is interested. If not, they won’t waste their time.

Grow your client base through referrals

Their core values include giving their clients an exceptional experience. By around 90 days of working with a client, you’ll have a good sense of whether or not they love or hate you (or are indifferent). If Nick’s able to provide exceptional service, then around 90 days is the best time to ask for referrals. At this point his customer knows the kind of service they’re getting, they’ve received a welcome box, they’ve gotten leads, and there’ve been at least three communication points.

Nick will ask if the client has been happy with their service. If the answer is “yes,” they’ll ask for a referral who the customer knows they could help. If you provide an exceptional experience, they’ll want to tell other people about it as well. But you have to ask. If you intentionally build it into your process, you’ll get consistent referrals. Nick the Marketer closes over 60% of their customer referrals.

Get creative with prospecting

Nick emphasizes that you can’t be afraid to get creative. When Nick was in radio, he reached out to someone on his dream 100 list. He had learned this guy was a huge Auburn fan. So Nick went out and found the coolest expensive pair of Auburn flip-flops and sent his prospect one of them. He sent a message with that flip-flop that said, “I’d love to get my foot in the door with you. If you give me a meeting, I’ll give you the other flip-flop.” That customer ended up spending $15,000 a month with him. Sometimes you just have to get their attention.

Nick sends all of his clients welcome boxes—what’s in them? And what does he send current clients who give him referrals? How does Nick source and train salespeople? Why does he advise that you decide what’s enough for you? Listen to learn more!

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