Are you ready to hire a digital marketing agency coach to help your agency grow and scale? Your next step is finding the right coach. 

You want to find a coach who is in tune with your needs and can provide the personalized guidance necessary to take your agency to the next level. But how do you find this perfect digital agency coach?

When you have the following qualities in mind as you look for the right agency coach, you can find a good fit!

Personal Experience Building a Successful Agency

The most important quality to look for in a digital agency coach is experience. You want to find a coach who has been in your shoes and built their agency to the level of success that you’re after. Having that personal experience can allow them to give you in-depth guidance and step-by-step resources to achieve the same level of success. 

Anyone can call themself a “business coach,” and they don’t need any licenses to provide coaching services. As a result, you’ll find coaches with a wide range of experience levels and qualifications during your search. Narrowing your options to successful digital marketing agency owners ensures that you choose a coach who can actually help you grow your agency. 

A Communication Style That Matches Your Own 

Working with a coach is much different from reading books about marketing. In a coaching partnership, you’re communicating back and forth with a mentor, asking questions and receiving feedback. 

Communication plays a crucial role in any coaching relationship, so you’ll want the coach you choose to have a compatible communication style. Think about the ways you prefer to communicate; do you:

  • Like to talk on the phone instead of email or instant message?
  • Prefer to be in an ongoing conversation with a coach, or want to segment your conversations into scheduled one-hour calls? 
  • Like to ask more questions or spend more time listening? 

You should be able to gauge a coach’s communication style during a discovery call. During this call, you can also ask about how frequently the coach would reach out to you and what communication methods they use. 

Plenty of Free Time to Dedicate to Your Agency

Many digital agency coaches are also active agency owners. Having dual roles enables your coach to provide knowledgeable guidance about current marketing trends and any recent changes they’ve implemented in their own agencies. But you don’t want to choose a coach who is too busy for you. 

Make sure the coach you work with has enough free time to dedicate to your coaching relationship. If a coach has too much on their plate already, they may rush through your calls. 

You can also look for a network of coaches within a larger mentorship program to ensure that you’ll always have a coach available when you need them. 

Proven Results Helping Other Agencies

Your coach shouldn’t only have experience running a successful digital marketing agency. They should also have experience helping other agencies grow and scale. 

If your digital agency coach can point to other agencies and detail exactly how they’ve helped those businesses, you’ll feel much more confident partnering with the coach. Being able to review performance metrics for past and current clients would be even better. 

Tangible Programs and Resources To Help You

When you partner with an agency coach, you’ll certainly gain motivation and accountability that can help your business grow. But outside of these more emotional benefits, you’ll also want access to tangible resources that can shape your marketing techniques and overall business strategy. 

Your coach should be able to provide you with in-depth, step-by-step resources for digital marketing strategies like:

  • Client acquisition
  • Agency scaling
  • Client retention
  • Growth hacking

These coaches are more than just talk; they actually have the resources and tools you need to grow your business. 

Seven Figure Agency: A Proven Agency Coaching & Mentorship Program 

Instead of trying to find one digital agency coach who checks all your boxes, why not join a network of successful agency owners and gain comprehensive resources and strategies to boost your agency? The Seven Figure Agency gives you access to prosperous coaches and mentors who will teach you how to land agency clients, deliver better services, retain, and scale. 

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