If your digital marketing agency is like many, you may feel stuck in a profitability plateau. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to improve profits from month to month. While your agency is staying afloat, you aren’t at the profit level you’d like to be. 

This guide will detail 12 proven tips to increase profitability and scale your agency. Following these tips can help your agency leave the plateau and reach the seven-figure mark. 

Read on to learn our 12 digital marketing agency tips for how to scale your marketing agency and maximize profits.

1. Simplify Onboarding

Once businesses decide to hire your agency, the process to begin receiving your services should be as hassle-free as possible. Making the onboarding process complicated or time-consuming could convince prospective clients to drop your agency for another. 

As a result, we recommend examining your onboarding process and removing any unnecessary steps. Try to handle as much of the process as possible for your clients. 

2. Invest in Entry-Level Talent

You may believe that in order to provide the best services for clients, you need to have the most experienced staff. However, hiring entry-level writers, graphic designers, and web developers is an excellent way to keep costs down and boost profit margins. 

Entry-level talent can be just as high-quality as more experienced staff at almost half the cost. Additionally, hiring entry-level staff can allow you to shape their abilities toward your agency’s specific goals, creating the exact content necessary to grow and scale your agency. 

3. Adjust Your Pricing

If you’ve struggled to bring in many clients, your pricing strategy may be at fault. Your services should be optimally priced to maximize profits and showcase your agency’s quality while remaining attainable for clients.

4. Enhance Your Website

If you own a digital marketing agency, you know the importance of a website. But when’s the last time you updated your own website? 

We recommend visiting your website periodically to check for problems, update content, and view it through the lens of a potential agency client. 

5. Improve Your Brand Reputation

Your agency’s reputation can play a significant role in whether prospective clients hire you. You can improve brand reputation by:

  • Listening to client feedback
  • Enhancing your online presence
  • Shaping your agency’s culture
  • Building a brand identity

6. Launch New Revenue Streams

If your current services aren’t bringing in enough profits, you can consider adding new revenue streams, such as merch, podcasts, email marketing templates, books, or virtual classes. 

7. Focus On Retention

If you own a digital marketing agency, you probably know that the best marketing strategy is ongoing. However, many clients may view your services as one and done. Once you update their websites and improve search engine optimization, they may be tempted to cut their marketing budgets. 

However, client retention is essential to your agency’s profitability. Having one long-term client can be just as profitable as working with ten short-term clients. Therefore, you should craft your digital marketing strategy around both attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. 

8. Create a Referral Strategy

Referrals are some of the biggest revenue streams within most digital marketing agencies. As a result, your agency should create a digital marketing strategy to boost referrals. For example, you can offer discounts to businesses that refer other companies to your agency. 

9. Publish Evidence

Facts, data, and statistics are all effective marketing tools that can convince prospective clients to hire you. If you are not currently tracking results for your clients, you should begin using platforms like Google Analytics to do so. Then, you can publish these figures for prospective clients to view. 

10. Focus On an Industry Niche

At the Seven Figure Agency, we’re big on choosing an industry niche and sticking to it. Focusing your digital marketing services on a specific industry, such as plumbing, healthcare, or HVAC, can be highly profitable. 

11. Pretend You’re a Client

If you’re unsure exactly what your agency needs to improve to land clients, try navigating through your website, forms, and onboarding process as a client would. This process can help you identify any issues that could be hindering business. 

12. Join the Seven Figure Agency

Finally, joining the Seven Figure Agency can key you in to valuable digital marketing agency tips and strategies to grow and scale your agency. 

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