Having the right tools in your digital marketing tech stack can help your agency grow faster and serve customers better. The problem is figuring out which of the countless tools available will get the job done.

Before you invest a dime on the latest shiny object, check out our list of must-have digital marketing tools designed for growing an agency.

1. Email Marketing Software

Having a robust and feature-rich email marketing platform in your arsenal is a must. With email marketing, you can build and nurture relationships with leads and customers, leading to more sales and growth.

Any email marketing tool worth its salt will contain, at a minimum, the following features:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Merge fields for customization
  • Autoresponders
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Integrations with your website and analytics tools
  • Professional-looking templates

If you want to know the secret of how to grow your digital marketing agency, it starts with email marketing.

2. CRM Software

Short for customer relationship management, a CRM allows you to manage the relationships and interactions with your clients in one place. Track payments and invoices, lead activity, follow-ups, and more without having to access multiple tools.

Though an email marketing platform can overlap with a CRM, a CRM gives you more power to individualize touchpoints with customers.

As your digital grows, you will want both an email marketing tool and CRM software in your stack.

3. SEO Tool

Whether you’re trying to rank at the top of the search engines for your agency or you do SEO for your clients, having an SEO tool for keyword research and reporting is essential.

After all, if you’re promising your clients that you can improve their rankings, you should be able to demonstrate that you have a powerful presence on search engines.

SEO tools can give you insights about how well you rank for your target keywords, and they also give you up to thousands of keyword and topic ideas that can drive your business forward.

At least one company in this space offers a free plan, so you can test out different tools before you commit to one.

4. Project Management Software

An agency can’t grow unless it is organized and executes deliverables. Project management tools are helpful for both internal and external use.

Internally, your team can collaborate and ensure projects are on track. When you use project management tools with external stakeholders, like clients, you’ve enabled them to reach you quickly and engage in meaningful, immediate conversations that go beyond phone calls and disorganized email threads.

In addition to facilitating communication, project management tools break down projects into bite-sized tasks and to-do lists that can be assigned and tracked.

5. File Sharing Tools

Gone are the days of emailing static documents back and forth and trying to manage version control with file names and date stamps. Today’s work, especially in digital marketing, is collaborative, and often involves multi-disciplinary teams.

File-sharing tools make it easy to manage file versions because everyone can work off of the same document. Most of these tools also allow for comments and feedback so users can brainstorm and discuss ideas directly in the file.

Further, these tools come with the ability to assign access and edit levels to ensure that only the correct people can see or change a file. And, in case someone accidentally makes a change, many tools allow you to access and restore previous versions.

6. Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy in acquiring new leads and making conversions. Several landing page builders include pre-made templates designed with conversion rate optimization in mind. Plus, they are polished and have easy-to-use drag and drop capabilities to customize the look and feel of each page.

If you’re not a coder, these builders are a lifesaver because they empower agencies to create professional landing pages for themselves or their clients in a short amount of time.

7. Client Reporting Tools

Inevitably, your clients will want to see the results you’ve generated. Instead of spending countless hours having your best people build reports, you can use a reporting tool that automates this task and populates the data into pretty reports with actionable insights.

These tools will highlight the excellent work you’ve done for your clients and can lead to new business, especially through referrals.

Next Steps

Now that you know what tools you need to grow your agency, the next step is to prioritize the digital marketing channels that allow you to scale. You can also get up-to-date digital marketing tips when you subscribe to the Seven Figure Agency Podcast.

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