Last week we shared some of our key Insights from the Traffic & Conversion Summit. One of the big ideas was using Facebook LeadsAds to capture leads / prospects in our niche…so we setup a campaign to test the concept.

Check out these early results from my Facebook LeadAds Campaign…


So far we have 19 leads on a $112 spend so our cost per lead is just $5.94…best part is..we’re getting a mobile or direct dial number from all of these prospects!

Why LeadAds?

 Lead ads are captured directly in Facebook their is less friction:

  • They result in an 80% reduction in cost per lead
  • You can get 10X more leads via Lead Ads for the same spend.
  • And the best part is, you can capture the cell phone number and market via SMS follow up
  • It’s much easier to get a prospect on the phone when you have their Cell Number rather than their Office line

SO we decided to test it out…and it appears to be true.

Here is the structure:

  • Ad promoting a case study
  • LeadAd Webform capturing Name, eMail & Cell Phone Number
  • Link to confirmation page to play the case study video (Strong call to action “Would you like to get similar results…schedule a time to talk)-
  • Follow up campaign via eMail, SMS, Voice Broadcast & One-to-One follow up

I’ll keep you posted as this campaign progresses & the results…