I had the opportunity to interview Barry Nix who discovered a niche in Garage Dooring

He shared incredible perspective on the importance of having a niche, and how doing so allowed him to grow from $5k to $93k MRR in 12 months.

We’ll also unpack:

  • How he chose his niche
  • What services he provides to his clients
  • How he scaled to 7-figures
  • What strategies are working best in his agency
  • What his team look to deliver for his clients & retain at the highest level possible

Watch the interview now below:

About Barry Nix and how he began his journey with Seven Figure Agency

Barry began his journey 19 years ago when he purchased a direct mail franchise, and it operated successfully for multiple years. In 2015, Barry shifted his focus to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and small local websites in hope of one day starting a digital marketing agency. Along with the start of a new venture Barry participated in numerous courses in an attempt to gain as much knowledge as possible. As a result from this he was receiving $5k in monthly recurring revenue (MRR). During Covid Barry made the decision to not return to his direct mail franchise, and instead immerse himself in Seven Figure Agency. Since doing so, Barry has grown from $5k MRR to $93k MRR in 12 months.

How Barry decided to choose his niche

Prior to joining Seven Figure Agency Barry viewed having a niche as daunting and limiting his ability to diversify. However, he realized that having a niche would actually do the opposite, and would give him the ability to scale at a much easier rate. Barry began to research various niches ranging from senior living to dentistry and orthodontics. Finally, after years of trying to find his niche Barry landed on Garage Dooring from a client recommendation.

Connect with Barry Nix

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