Listen in as I interview Chris Johnstone on how he built a Multiple 7 Figure Agency in the Mortgage Industry & has carved out an additional 7 Figure stream over revenue helping his clients convert the leads his team generates for them.

We talked about

  • How he lands clients
  • How he structures his programs
  • What he does to retain his clients at the highest level possible
  • How he structures his team to deliver world-class services at scale
  • And much more

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:13] What’s happening with Chris’s business
  • [5:48] How Chris’s clients are responding to his program
  • [9:54] The results from the Agency Concierge Mastermind
  • [16:45] It’s about solving problems and generating value
  • [22:00] The logistics of the agency concierge program
  • [30:27] Mixing the agency concierge program with other services
  • [40:29] Why phone calls generate more sales
  • [43:13] How Chris is landing clients for his agency
  • [50:23] Retaining his clients and providing great results
  • [56:38] The digital marketing world is changing

Why the Agency Concierge model is a game-changer

The concierge model has become Chris’s agency’s primary offer, though they’re still selling digital marketing services. They’ve reached a point in the market where there’s a stigma attached to lead generations. Many people have gotten burned by buying a service. The small shift in languaging from bringing in leads to “booking appointments in your calendar” made a huge impact.

For every dollar they put into advertising, they get back $2.14 on acquired customers. Their offer completely differentiates them in the market. It’s also been phenomenal for their retention. Now, they generate the leads and double their amount of appointments with no additional cost. They double the conversion rate of the leads they already get.

It’s about solving problems and generating value

Chris had a problem with churn in his agency. His goal was to provide the highest value service to his customers. So he had to look to see where he could provide value in their business outside of lead generation. That’s why he started getting people on phone calls to book leads.

Secondly, Chris points out that 80% of the mortgage industry’s business comes from referrals and past customers. So he started asking potential clients, “Where does the majority of your business come from?” The majority answered “referrals.”

So they put a customer reactivation pathway in place and added a service where they reach out and get five-star ratings and reviews on Google. It transforms SEO results, ranks the sites faster, and produces more customers than paid ads. By calling cast customers, they can reactivate old clients, generate referrals, and get ratings and reviews.

Last year, one of Chris’s clients did over $400,000 in revenue because their concierge agent called his past clients and generated ratings and reviews. It’s something every business needs that you can provide and yet another differentiator.

What does the Agency concierge program look like? How do they price it? How does he book leads and gain more customers? Listen to learn more!

How Chris is landing clients for his agency

The first method Chris uses is a paid marketing funnel where they run ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google targeting the mortgage/financial services industries. Their lead magnet is a free 45-minute video training covering the pathways they can use to generate more customers.

The goal is to get them on a strategy call to determine which of the six pathways works best for them. Every lead that opts into their funnel gets an immediate phone call to book consultations. Roughly 40% book a sales presentation, 75% of those people show up, and 20% of those that show up become a client.

The second method to landing new clients Chris calls their “Dream 100.” They look at the industries that they want customers in and identify the top 100 professionals in that niche. Those 100 people are placed in a 12-week outreach program. A concierge reaches out once a week and sends follow-up emails and personalized text messages to book them on a strategy call.

They look for people they can provide the greatest results for and have the budget for their services and call those customers every day. In a world that’s overly digital, phone calls work.

Retaining his clients and providing great results

Chris notes that hiring is the hardest part of his process—but the most important. You have to get the right people on the team. In the sales world, you have people that generate leads, people who book appointments, and people that close sales. There’s a subset of people in the world that are professionals at just booking appointments.

You generate the leads. Your customer closes them. The concierge is the missing piece in the middle. When you get someone who knows how to make phone calls, qualify leads, overcome objections, and book appointments, it’s a game-changer. So make sure you hire the right people, get them the right certifications and tools, and manage them every day.

Are you interested in landing new clients and retaining them long-term? Do you want your MRR to grow exponentially? If the agency concierge model sounds like something that can work for your agency, get on the waitlist for the Concierge Mastermind now!

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