Become Known, Liked, Trusted, And Proven

Be Omnipresent To Association Members And Leaders

When I say “Omnipresent”, I mean:

  • At their events
  • In their email inbox
  • On their social feed
  • In their mailbox

Yep, omnipresent! You want them thinking of you when they think about how to market their niche business.

Here Is An Extensive List Of The Association Tactics That Have Worked Best For Us

We’ve tried a lot of things. Here is what’s worked best for us:

► Join the association / group most relevant for your niche market.

► Get the member list (mail, phone, and hopefully email). If the contact information is not provided, reverse scrape it.

► Sponsor the events (booth, lanyards, etc.). Actually show up and hang out in the evening and at the mixers. Connect with other members.

► Look for opportunities to speak at their events.

► Run webinars / training specifically for their group (this works pretty well).

► Send an intro package to the members. Be sure to get the new member list every month and send them a nice welcome.

► Email them on a consistent basis with value-added content specific to their needs.

► If the association has a Facebook Group, get added to it.

► Upload the member list as a custom audience on Facebook for targeting.

► Add them to your direct mail list. This is huge! Send them a quarterly printed newsletter with relevant and valuable information.


  • If you run webinars (which you should!), burn the content to CD and send it to members in the mail with a print-out of the workbook.
  • If you do industry interviews (you should be doing this too!) burn those to CD and mail it out to them, as well.

This Strategy Can Seem Like A Lot Of Work

But Think About Associations As A Concentrated Population Of Highly Qualified Prospects

I’m thinking of doing a deep dive training on how to leverage associations and groups to accelerate the growth of your agency. If you’d be interested in that information, put “Association Deep Dive” in the Comments section on the video page.

To your continued success!

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