What is the inception method? How does Tristan embrace “Learn, do, Teach?” How did Tristan Parmley and his business partners skyrocket their agency—Chirorevenue—to seven figures in less than 6 months? In this Agency Success Interview, I chat with Tristan about the strategies they used to scale quickly. He’ll share some amazing insights—and share how you can use the same strategies. You don’t want to miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] How Tristan got his start in digital marketing
  • [2:58] Where Tristan’s business is now
  • [4:17] Chirorevenue’s package offerings
  • [5:56] The inception method of marketing
  • [11:10] How Tristan + his partner grew Chirorevenue
  • [15:55] Become the expert in your niche
  • [24:22] How to stand out from the crowd
  • [31:00] Scaling the business + fulfillment
  • [34:05] Learn. Do. Teach.
  • [45:05] Marketing is a preview of the experience
  • [49:55] Follow proven systems and principles
  • [51:40] How to connect with Tristan or Dennis

The Inception method

Inception is the idea of a dream within a dream within a dream, right? You plant an idea that makes someone else feel like it was their idea. It’s the same as selling. Many people are cold DMing, LinkedIn messaging, and cold-calling. That can be misperceived by the client. But if they feel like it’s their own idea, they’re more likely to do it without resistance.

It starts with a figurehead. Every industry has an authority. The goal is to build relationships with the authorities in the industry. Provide value to them, maintain their personal brand, and show them that you’ve got their back. Then they do the selling and pushing for you. Tristan points out that they’re trying to create as many bridges as possible. By developing the relationship with figureheads, they build bridges without the uphill battle of cold outreach.

You need to be in alignment with the people who already have the audience. They know exactly what the biggest pain points are for chiropractors. They know the exact path these businesses are on. The relationships you build are the most valuable part of the business.

How did Chirorevenue become the expert in their niche? How did Tristan and his business partner get Dennis Yu’s attention? Keep listening to learn more!

How to stand out from the crowd

Tristan points out that there are a lot of ways to develop influence and stand out to figureheads. His first piece of advice? Serve a client before jumping into a vertical. They help you bridge the gap. You need endorsements from your clients. So you have to master the niche first.

Once you do that, ask your clients if they’re in Facebook groups and if they know anyone looking for similar results. If you scale within a group you become an anomaly and that figurehead has to take you seriously. It can take time (often 12+ months) to become an authority in a group—but it’s worth it. If you’re committed to your agency, a year is a really short time.

You also need to establish a track record of authority. Someone needs to see information about you and your business on social media and a web search. They need to see reviews from clients. You need to have a web presence. Most local businesses have already worked with other agencies and failed. They’re on the hunt for something better. Which is why the performance-based agency works.

Learn. Do. Teach.

Chirorevenue follows the “learn, do, teach” methodology. When they learn a new strategy, they test it. Once they’ve used that strategy successfully three times they know that it’s a process and it can be sent out across the masses. Once they do that, they teach everyone what they’re doing. People can take it and apply it. If the recipe is good, it’s the person that’s failing. If you follow directions, you should get the result.

Why do they give it away for free? They don’t want their clients to feel like they’re being held hostage. They empower their clients and give them the option to do it themselves. Those clients are going to hire you to do it every time. They know exactly what you’re going to execute for them. The #1 reason an agency loses clients is because the client perceives they don’t care. If you execute and communicate well they know that you care. If you show someone what they need to do to get better results for free, they become attracted to you. They’re confident that you know what you’re doing and can deliver on what you just said.

Marketing is a preview of the experience

Tristan emphasizes that it’s not just about generating leads. You want to generate a better experience for the person who is coming in for chiropractic care. In the book The Power of Habit, there’s a story about Febreze. This story changed everything for Tristan. Febreze gave away product by the millions—and it costs them millions. They failed until they put a video camera in women’s houses to watch their cleaning behavior. The women that actually used Febreeze would spray it, take a deep breath, and let out a happy sigh. It’s the same with drinking a Coke product. These now use that in all their marketing. Why?

It gives you a preview of the experience you will have. This experience can be anything. There is always an experience happening. So when you create content, you share what it’s like to work with you. Every single piece of your listings is a preview of the experience of what it’s like to work with you. Everything you create and offer is part of the overall experience. Your job is to push out experiences for your clients. You’re building awareness. When expectations are met, they’ll praise you and endorse you all day long.

How did Tristan get his start? What are their package offerings? How do they execute and fulfill for clients? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

Resources & People Mentioned

  • Email Operations(at)ChiroRevenue.com with the subject line “We Love Josh” and ask for Digital Plumbing, the SAE, the Thank You Engine, the Influence Generator, and How to Turn One Piece of Content into 1,000.
  • Dennis Yu
  • Blitz Metrics
  • Basecamp
  • The Power of Habit

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