Jim Ahlin & Brian Niebler attended the Seven Figure Agency Roadmap Live event last year in February. In this video they share their journey & what they’ve accomplished since. You can watch the video now by clicking below:

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Hey – Jim Ahlin, one of the member mentors in the seven figure agency. So wanted to make a quick video talking about our journey with the seven figure agency over the last year, my business partner Brian flew down to the intensive last February, which, which is, you know, the next ones coming up here real soon. And so that’s what made me think about this. It’s been about a year for us and, and, you know, our growth has really just been explosive, to say the least.

We’ve really,

really focused on the implementation of everything that’s in the seven figure agency, you know, from, from from, you know, we we published our book, we, you know, setting up all of the all of the follow up sequences and all of the content that that goes along that’s provided in the seven figure agency, implementing the webinars, implementing the trade association, membership and in all of the things that go along that and developing your dream 100 list and and really focusing on those people focus that built up got launched our podcast, the roofing success podcast is got a little hat for that right now. So wanted to you know, wanted to share that with you guys that that was launched back in September and that’s just been taken off. It’s been awesome. But really, you know, it’s a testament to to Josh and Jeff in their coaching and how, how much they share it and just open up everything that they do. And really it’s just been in the implementation. Take Take, take a section of the of the training and implement it and that’s what we did. We just started off slowly, but our focus was on just implement, take one thing and implement take one thing and implement and of course, there’s been ups and downs in that, you know, it your your sales don’t become consistent right off the bat.

But as you build that momentum, it’s really important you It’s really amazing what happens this January we had our best month ever. It’s truly exciting. And so so I just wanted to share that with you guys. It’s been one year for us and and it’s just been truly, truly an honor to be part of this and now as a as a member mentor, so, just wanted to share with

that hope everyone has a great day Have a good one.