One webinar per month can drive your entire lead generation and content creation machine…

Just wrapped up our PPC webinar…
✔️107 registered
✔️ 51 live
✔️ 7 strategy sessions

???? An idea to help you get even better results with your webinars…

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What’s up guys? This is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency. Hope you’re having an awesome day. I just wanted to shoot a quick video with the thought that has worked well for us. One topical webinar per month promoted to your database and shared and syndicated in an intelligent way can drive your entire lead generation and content generation machine.

We just wrapped up our monthly webinar, we do one webinar per month on a topic for our database and we just did our webinar on how to leverage paid search, pay per click advertising, to generate more leads and more sales for your plumbing or HVAC business. And we do it every month. It creates a wave of activity, gives us a reason to email our database a couple times, it gives us great content that we can then syndicate and share across the web and it keeps momentum going. It gets people added to our schedule on a monthly basis.

So I just wanted to jumped on this quick video here. We just wrapped up the session. We had 109 or so people register for the webinar, we had about 50 on there live. We scheduled seven strategy sessions. Of course we’re going to get a couple new clients right out of the gates from it, and it works really well for us. So I wanted to just kind of shoot this video to kind of share that concept. If you want to learn more about leveraging webinars and not like hard sales webinars but content webinars that people would show up for and get value from, post in the comments, webinars, and I’ll get you some more details on how we do it and kind of what the strategy looks like.

One of the keys though is syndication and making sure that you’re syndicating your webinars in an intelligent way, leveraging all of the tools you have at your disposal. That’s sending it out via email, loading it up on YouTube, cutting it out and putting it up on iTunes, it works really well for us. And if you’re running a digital marketing agency, you’re looking to learn how to land more clients on a more consistent basis, I highly recommend you try it out because it works well.

So that’s it for now. If you have questions on webinars, let me know. If you’d like some more ideas on the strategies, post in the comments and I’ll be glad to get you some more details on it. Have a great day.