How was your 1st Quarter?

The first quarter of 2017 is coming to a close. How did you do?

Today we met as a team to conduct our Quarterly Goal Setting & Planning Session.

I recorded a quick video explaining the process:

A few questions for reflection:

  • How did you do in the First Quarter of 2017?
  • Did you hit your goals?
  • Do you have a process to stop & reflect on your progress?

Going forward:

  • What are your goals for Quarter 2 of 2017?
  • Do you have them written out with a clear plan to accomplish them?

We built our business this way…setting clear Annual Goals and then breaking them down into smaller Quarterly Goals. There is POWER in having a systematic process for planning, setting goals, stopping to reflect at the end of each period and then setting new goals for the next period.

If you fail to plan…then you plan to fail!