Having an effective marketing agency sales funnel is crucial to growing your agency. Not only should you know how to funnel your clients through the sales process, but you should also know how to create winning sales funnels for those clients to increase their own sales. 

If you’re struggling to see results with your existing sales funnel, you may not be approaching it correctly. Agency owners often make a few key sales funnel mistakes that keep potential clients from moving through the sales journey. Identifying these mistakes can set you on the path to increasing your client base and scaling your agency. 

Learn the five most common sales funnel mistakes your marketing agency should avoid:

Mistake #1: Providing a Weak Offer

As potential clients move through the sales funnel, you must present a winning offer that seals the deal. These users should see additional value in your offer beyond its face value. This offer should encourage them to act now so they don’t miss out on an exclusive deal. 

Consider the offer you currently present in your sales funnel. Is your offer simply being able to work with your digital marketing agency? Or is it something your client may see as valuable beyond your services? 

Try switching your offer to a complimentary deal the user can take advantage of, such as a strategy session or consultation. Once they take advantage of this offer, they’ll be more likely to move to the last stage of the sales funnel on their own. 

Mistake #2: Not Defining Your Target Audience

Building a sales funnel that works involves tailoring it to your audience. If you’ve read our Seven Figure Agency blog before, you’ve probably learned how highly we value niches. Every digital marketing agency should have a niche or a specific type of business it targets. 

Niches can be broad or narrow, such as:

  • Legal clients
  • HVAC services
  • Fitness and wellness companies
  • eCommerce brands
  • Non-profits
  • Healthcare services

Your first step should be defining your niche. Then, you can tailor your entire sales process around that audience.

Depending on how large your niche is, you may want to offer different sales funnels for more specific audiences. Think about your target clients’ goals and challenges and how you can address them within your sales funnel. 

Mistake #3: Leaving Out a Call to Action

As a marketing professional, you know the value of calls to action for your clients. So why would you leave them out of your own sales process?

An effective call to action should:

  • Use a command verb (such as “call,” “contact,” “download,” etc.)
  • Be urgent, with language like “today” or “now”
  • Target your audience
  • Invoke FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Be low-risk, so your potential clients have nothing to lose

A strong CTA should convince users to continue taking the next step through your sales funnel. Don’t expect potential clients to hire you on their own — instead, assume they’ll need encouragement every step of the way. 

Mistake #4: Having Too Many Steps

Your sales funnel needs at least a few steps to convince potential clients to purchase your services. But common sales funnel mistakes we see involve having too many steps.

You don’t want users to get lost in the sales funnel, become bored with your offerings, or feel like it’s taking too long to get to the catch. Ideally, your sales funnel should have five stages:

  1. Awareness: Presenting general information about your marketing services
  2. Interest: Providing content that sparks user interest at a higher level
  3. Evaluation: Giving information that helps users evaluate your offer, such as client testimonials
  4. Engagement: Engaging clients through a special deal or offer
  5. Commitment/Purchase: Sealing the deal

You’ll likely lose users at each stage of the process — that’s just how the funnel works. But when you have too many stages, your opportunity to lose potential clients increases. 

Mistake #5: Having a Cluttered or Complicated Design

You should make it exceedingly easy for users to move through the sales funnel. Presenting them with too many choices or a cluttered, confusing landing page is an easy way to lose them before they commit to your agency. 

Instead, make sure your social media posts, web design, and other digital assets:

  • Are easy to read
  • Include simple navigation
  • Guide your clients step by step

Are you looking to avoid sales funnel mistakes and build the ultimate agency funnel? Join the Seven Figure Agency for tailored assistance with building and managing your sales funnel. Check out our Seven Figure Agency book and podcast to learn more.

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