As digital marketing agencies, our primary focus is often lead generation, right? But what happens when they don’t convert?

Simply generating leads is not enough to help your clients get a positive return on their investment and grow their businesses. They don’t want to just see vanity metrics—they want results.

A strong lead conversion strategy helps take our agencies to the next level. We aren’t hiding behind smoke and mirrors. Instead, we’re identifying any problems in the conversion process and working with the business to improve its operations.

In this video, I review some lead conversion solutions that can help your clients be more efficient and close more sales.

Learn more about this by watching the whole video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:36] Why don’t the leads we generate convert?
  • [5:56] Leverage automation to solve problems
  • [9:31] Why we believe HighLevel is the solution

Why don’t the leads we generate convert?

We realized that generating leads isn’t the main problem our clients have. There are always ways to get more leads for clients. The problem is that they’re failing to convert those leads. As an agency owner, you have to decide how to handle that problem. Can you solve it for them?

We generate tens of thousands of leads for our clients every month. But 90% of web forms fail to convert. Why? Because the lead goes to someone who is usually busy with something else. There’s little follow-up on leads.

Where should you start? I recommend studying your clients’ leads. Submit a form on their website to see how long it takes someone to get back to you. Call their office and pretend you’re a customer. Do they answer the phone? Do they use a professional answering service? You’ll quickly identify the big challenges that your clients are dealing with.

Why don’t leads get converted?

The clients we work with run sophisticated operations but they struggle to convert leads. Why?

Leads that don’t get followed up with in 15 minutes or less go cold. What’s the sweet spot? Following up with leads in two minutes or less. If your clients don’t connect with a lead in these timeframes, clients begin to complain that the leads aren’t interested.

Secondly, the average customer that doesn’t say “yes” on the initial call needs to be followed up with 5–7 times before they convert (or book an appointment).

Lastly, customers prefer to connect via text message versus a phone call or email. If you’re pushing people to a phone call, you’re leaving money on the table.

Leverage automation to solve problems

You need to be able to present this to your client but instead of playing the blame game, offer them a solution: marketing automation.

The #1 reason we rolled out highlevel for our clients was to implement automation. What should you plug in for your clients? Smart forms. Every time a form is submitted, it’s called automatically. If someone wants to speak with someone, they’re directed to someone who can answer their questions.

We also want to make sure the customer gets a text message asking “How can we help?” within minutes. Then, we get automation in place that continues to touch those prospects until they say yes, ask a question, or let you know they’ve resolved their problem.

But you can’t automate the whole process. When someone replies to a text message or answers the phone, a real person has to run with it. If they don’t have someone to consistently do that, you need to provide a concierge service.

When we implemented this for clients, they converted more leads into sales. By doing that, we became a valuable service provider to our clients. This is what leads to client retention.

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