Tony Ricketts was on the fence about attending Roadmap LIVE. He felt like he was doing great in his agency and didn’t really need any help. Well, after hemming and hawing over and over again, and never deciding to register for the event, he finally came.

He’s Changed His Tune! Yesterday, he posted this unsolicited Facebook post. Here’s how he starts off the post, “We’ve all seen Josh Nelson promoting his live events in Miami. Are they really worth it??? Here’s the real truth about what I found out.”

Then he added the video above. Watch The Video to see what he says.

Grab Your Spot Now! For Seven Figure Agency Roadmap LIVE! Look, We Know You’re Crazy Busy And Not Sure How To Afford Time Away From Your Business
We run an agency too, and we know exactly what it means to set aside time for an event such as this.

  1. You don’t know if your agency can operate on auto-pilot while you’re away for a couple of days. That’s exactly what we’re going to show you—how to stop being a slave to the business.
  2. You don’t know if you’re going to spend the money for travel and hotel—and end up feeling like you’ve wasted your time and money. Tony Ricketts answers that for you.
  3. You’re worried about being stuck in a room and listening to some guy hammer you to buy something you don’t want to buy. We don’t do that. We provide so much new information that some participants feel like they’ve been drinking from a fire hose…but in an excited “punch drunk” kind of way.

Grab Your Spot Now! For Seven Figure Agency Roadmap LIVE!

  1. You Come Home With A Whole New Business Model. Learn the secrets to building a seven figure agency while liberating yourself from overworking.
  2. See how we automate everything in the business, so you’re getting a lot more done…and making a lot more money—while working less.
  3. Convert your business into a Recurring Revenue model and increase the revenue month after month. Retain clients who become devoted and loyal referral machines for your business.
  4. Return home with a personalized “playbook” of campaigns that’ll help you automate, grow and scale your business.

Surely you can take Tony’s advice and JUST DO IT! We guarantee that the trip will be worthwhile.

Register For The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap LIVE!

I look forward to shaking your hand in Miami!