I want to share with you one of my all-time favorite strategies for consistently attracting high-quality clients to your agency. It’s a technique I’ve dubbed the “Dream 100 Outreach Process,” and trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let me take a moment to mention a must-read book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet, I highly recommend you do. It’s a timeless gem in the world of business development that has shaped many of my own philosophies.

Now, back to the Dream 100 concept. Imagine you’re in the business of selling agency services, and you’ve got a vast market to tackle. The key here is to narrow your focus. Think of it this way – if you’re trying to serve every possible client, it’s tough to stand out and be relevant to all of them. Plus, not everyone in your niche is an ideal fit for your services.

So, what’s the solution? Trim down that enormous pool of potential clients to a select group of prospects who are not only a perfect fit for your services but are also willing to invest in them. It’s quality over quantity here. You don’t need to chase after every business; you need the right ones.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. If your agency charges, say, $2,500 a month for its services, you don’t need hundreds of clients to hit seven figures. In fact, you only need around 40 to 60 ideal clients to reach that milestone. So, focus on the prospects that truly matter.

The magic happens when you shift from targeting everyone to handpicking a Dream 100 list – those prospects who align perfectly with your offerings, value your services, and can make a significant impact on your agency’s reputation and bottom line.

Now, let’s break down the Dream 100 Outreach Process into five key steps:

  1. The 80/20 Principle: Remember the Pareto Principle, which states that 20% of your efforts yield 80% of your results. Well, we’re honing in on that vital 20% – those elite prospects who will bring exponential results.
  2. Narrow Your List: From the vast sea of potential clients, narrow it down to your dream prospects – those who are a perfect fit and are already investing in marketing.
  3. Refine Your List: Even within your dream prospects, there will be some that might not be the best fit or simply aren’t interested in your services. Refine your list further to a tight, focused group.
  4. Map Out Your Outreach: Once you have your Dream 100 list, it’s time to initiate a strategic and relentless outreach process. The goal is to transition them from not knowing you at all to feeling like your presence is everywhere in their world.
  5. Become Omnipresent: Your outreach shouldn’t be limited to just one channel. Be everywhere your prospects are – in their inboxes, on their social feeds, at their events, and even in their mailbox. It’s about being professional and persuasive, not obnoxious.

To build your Dream 100 prospect list, consider joining associations and subgroups within your niche, where the top players gather. Utilize tools like ColdLinX or ReachMarketing.com to refine and append your list with crucial data points like company details, owner information, and more.

Remember, the goal here is to identify prospects who not only need your services but also respect and value them. They should be eager to do business with you.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of physical mail. A well-thought-out, unique piece of mail can grab their attention in a way that digital outreach can’t.

I’ll leave you with a success story – Jim and Brian from Roofer Marketers, who implemented the Dream 100 process and saw their agency skyrocket. It’s a proven strategy that works wonders when executed correctly.

So, your homework is to craft an outreach plan that keeps your Dream 100 prospects engaged and interested. Don’t stop until they either tell you to back off or express a desire to work with you. And remember, becoming omnipresent in their world is key.

I hope you found value in this video. Thanks for tuning in, and I look forward to helping you implement the Dream 100 and land those ideal clients.

Outline of this Video

Introduction and Background (00:00)

  • Video about implementing the Dream 100 Initiative for digital marketing agency sales and client acquisition.
  • Recommends the book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” by Chet Holmes for sales strategies.

Focus on the Right Prospects (01:18)

  • Importance of narrowing the focus to specific niche prospects.
  • Hand-selecting a list of 100 relevant prospects.

The Power of Refining Your List (02:30)

  • Refining the list of prospects to exclude unsuitable candidates.
  • Eliminating prospects with a strong online presence or no interest in internet marketing.

Mapping the Outreach Strategy (05:32)

  • Planning how to contact and engage with prospects effectively.
  • Creating awareness and building relationships through consistent outreach.

Becoming Omnipresent (07:10)

  • Maximizing presence across multiple platforms to increase recognition.
  • Being in prospects’ inboxes, social media feeds, and other channels.

Building the Dream 100 Prospect List (08:06)

  • Joining associations, and subgroups, and using services like Coldlytics.
  • Creating the Dream 100 Prospect list.

Narrowing the List and Gathering Key Details (08:40)

  • Using platforms like Coldlytics and ReachMarketing.com.
  • Gathering key details associated with each prospect.

Evaluating Prospects and Gathering Data Points (09:29)

  • Reviewing prospects’ websites for potential improvement.
  • Gathering data points such as owner info, email, and social profiles.

Appending Data and Ensuring Omniscient Presence (11:01)

  • Using tools like Seamless.ai and TruePeopleSearch.
  • Contacting prospects through various channels.

Relentless Outreach and Custom Audiences (12:42)

  • Developing an outreach process for regular contact.
  • Using mail, phone calls, and in-person visits.
  • Setting up custom audiences on Facebook.

Implementing the Dream 100 Initiative (14:41)

  • Focusing on a small subset and engaging strategically.
  • Building relationships and recurring revenue.

Additional Resources and Assistance (15:04)

  • Encouraging viewers to type “Dream 100” in the comments for resources.
  • Offering access to Seven Figure Agency Roadmap Training.
  • Providing assistance through sevenfigureates.com/schedule.

Conclusion (16:02)

Encouraging viewers to implement the Dream 100 Initiative for landing ideal clients.

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