As a creator of a seven-figure digital marketing agency myself, it is my goal to walk you through the steps to get your agency on the road to that kind of success. In this episode of The Seven Figure Agency Podcast, I help you discover the strategies and techniques to grow a highly successful and profitable digital marketing agency. I discuss how putting out great content, positioning yourself as an expert, and getting clients to come to you can set you up to become a seven-figure agency in just a year’s time.

Outline of This Episode

  • [00:03] 3 Powerful ways to land clients
  • [01:30] One thing we have done to help our digital marketing agency grow consistently
  • [10:00] Business strategy to get you to seven figures
  • [10:42] Five steps for success
  • [12:3] What’s your why?
  • [19:50] Shortcut to building a database
  • [22:50] Powerful hack for social media marketing
  • [24:57] 5 key principles for doing webinars
  • [28:10] Key insights to get people to schedule an appt with you
  • [39:19] Walk through my webinar process with me
  • [43:80] 2 types of learning
  • [44:30] Question and Answer

Finding success as a digital marketing agency in today’s tech-savvy world

You can easily end up chasing clients, getting fed up with failing, and going back to a regular nine to five. After spending 40 to 60 hours a week in a position that only led to failure, I learned some invaluable lessons. Using these lessons, I was able to start Plumbing and HVAC SEO, which has since become an amazingly successful digital marketing agency that grew to seven figures in just two years. In this episode, I share with you the most important things I did to grow my business into the successful marketing agency that it is today.

A shift in thinking brings clients to you instead of you having to chase them

Cold calling is a lot of work and provides no sustainability. And let’s face it; it’s awful. The shift from chasing customers down to getting them to come to us made work life so much easier. Not to mention, so much more successful. It took us from struggling to maintain clients to bringing in $370,000 a month in recurring revenue. When you begin to implement this strategy into your own business, you will begin to see consistent growth and success in the industry. In this episode of Seven Figure Agency, I share what it takes to get the clients lining up at your doorstep.

Here’s how to position yourself as an expert and gain more clients

In this episode, you’ll learn key steps to put yourself in a place where potential clients know, like, and trust you. By growing and nurturing your database of potential clients you set yourself up for long term success in your business. Fforward momentum comes from the relationship you build to your list of potential clients. The attention that you give to them will allow you to roll out relevant information. Listen in as I assist you in creating a systemic process of developing new content in order to nurture your digital marketing agency’s database.

Put out great content with a sexy topic

Webinars with great content provide a highly effective avenue to reaching potential clients. In this episode of Seven Figure Agency Podcast, I share key insights into how promoting webinars and content can provide new opportunities for interaction with your database. Using email can also help build that relationship that you want to strive for between your digital marketing agency and your potential clients. Join me as we learn how committing to do a monthly webinar with relevant content can bring your clients to you with little resistance. The information I share with you in this episode will change the way you do business from now on.

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