Listen in as I interview Bill Crawford, CEO of Rainmaker for Contractors on how he managed to grow his agency to over $73K monthly this year!

In this interview Bill shares:

  • How he chose his niche
  • The services he provides to his clients
  • What strategies are working best in his agency
  • What his team looks like
  • And much more!

Another jam-packed episode you don’t want to miss!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:46] Learn more about Rainmaker for Contractors
  • [7:00] Three things that have accelerated Bill’s revenue growth
  • [12:08] How Bill landed the first client’s in his niche
  • [15:44] How Bill packages services for his clients
  • [20:36] Bill’s favorite resources to learn about digital marketing
  • [25:11] What’s working best for Bill’s client retention
  • [30:00] Why you need to get involved in your industry association
  • [37:27] Bill’s delivery model for his customers
  • [44:35] Learn more about why (and how) Bill published a book
  • [49:27] Bill’s advice to land your first five clients
  • [53:18] How to get to the next level with your agency

Why Bill chose the waterproofing niche

Bill owned a basement waterproofing company for 15 years. He did a lot of lead generation and fell in love with internet marketing. So he sold his business 13 years ago and started his agency—Rainmaker for Contractors. They serve waterproofing companies in the US.

When you own a franchise, you have to follow franchise rules. Running an agency gave him total freedom. The value he brings to customers because he understands their business can’t be beaten. His first customer was the franchiser his waterproofing company was through.

How Bill packages services for his clients

Rainmaker is a full-service digital marketing agency. They will rebuild a client’s website and make sure it’s high-converting. Then he focuses on maximizing local SEO. They add in call tracking so they can measure their ROI. They also offer social media management, link-building, citations, blogs, content, press releases, and paid ads—they cover it all.

Their services start at $2,000 per month. Some clients dabble in mold remediation and others do foundation repair. So depending on the client’s offerings and goals, they charge up to $5,000/$6,000 a month. The average waterproofing project costs between $10,000 and $22,000, so a couple of jobs easily cover Bill’s fees.

What’s working best for Bill’s client retention

Bill’s customer service is so top-notch that 50% of the clients that have left have come back. They do the highest quality work and commit to customer satisfaction. One of Bill’s clients left for a few years and Bill found out he had been paying someone else $7,000 for low-quality work (with little to no results). They never delivered on their promises. Bill does.

You have to deliver results. You need to put their sales reps in front of customers. The more you can help with their profitability, the happier they’ll be. If you keep doing that, why would they want to leave? But you have to be passionate about getting results for your clients.

Bill continues to grow his agency by increasing the quality of his work to increase referrals. He is also heavily involved in his industry association. He runs a sales training conference for his industry association a few times a year and stays as heavily involved in the organization as he can.

Bill’s delivery model for his customers

Bill is always thinking about systems and scalability. So they implemented a system where clients have 24/7 access to reports (versus them spending time generating reports). They also implemented call-tracking systems through GoHighLevel (which makes a powerful sales presentation).

They use Local Viking GeoGrid to track where someone ranks with local SEO as they’re driving in their service area. It helps Bill see how they’re doing and where they can improve. They’re trying to anticipate clients’ leads and make adjustments and prioritize different accounts as needed.

They do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make sure everything is being done currently. The bottom line is when you act like it’s your company, your authenticity and passion shine through.

Resources & People Mentioned

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