Listen in as I interview Will Hanke on how he grew his agency to over $50k monthly. He’ll share some of his best secrets on how he managed to grow Window Treatment Marketing Pros to success!

We talked about:

  • How he chose his niche
  • The services he provides his clients
  • What strategies are working best in his agency
  • What his team looks like
  • And much more!

This episode is fully packed with insights! Don’t miss this one!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:33] Learn more about Will’s agency: Window Treatment Marketing Pros
  • [3:00] Will’s interest in digital marketing started with a prank
  • [6:52] The growth Will experienced from 2018 to present
  • [11:30] What Will shifted to achieve growth in his business
  • [20:33] Why Will chose window treatments as a niche
  • [23:30] Will’s strategy to land the first five clients in his niche
  • [28:27] The transition from a generalist to a niche agency
  • [34:43] Window Treatment Marketing Pros services
  • [39:04] The SEO plays Will uses to increase organic rankings
  • [43:55] What will’s client retention strategy looks like
  • [46:31] The structure of Window Treatment Marketing Pros’ team
  • [49:27] How to overcome the intimidation of running a webinar
  • [53:42] Will’s last piece of advice to other agency owners

Learn more about Will’s agency: Window Treatment Marketing Pros

Will created a website in the 90s with the sole purpose of pranking his mom. The goal was to get people from around the world to send his mom a postcard. It went viral. He realized you can monetize building websites. So he got into SEO and fell in love. Then he started teaching it to other business owners.

When he started his agency, Will worked with anyone that would pay him. He did that for years until he came across Seven Figure Agency. He chose a niche in window treatments because he had some clients in the industry who were doing really well, so he dove in.

There was no one marketing to his niche when he started. He gained their trust by consistently delivering value. Around 2019, he give himself permission to succeed and decided it was time to grow. He had to shift his mindset, so he started listening to podcasts and reading books focused on abundance.

And as part of Seven Figure Agency, he was surrounded by people who believed the sky was the limit. It was no longer a hobby—it became a business. Will grew from making around $10,000 a month to $50,000 in monthly revenue.

Will’s strategy to land the first five clients in his niche

When Will decided to dive into his niche, he had a website running in two days. He rebranded what he’d already created with his generalist agency. He joined the association immediately and hired someone to scrape the list. He reached out to them through cold-calling (which they still use today).

They’ll run a Google search for something like “Memphis window treatments” and reach out to people on page two and beyond. That’s how Will landed two clients in the first two months. It kept Will moving forward and more clients rolled in as they persisted.

What Will shifted to achieve growth in his business

Will started running webinars consistently, which allowed prospects to consume the content on their own time. He also wrote a book about marketing for window treatment companies. It’s a great lead magnet that Will mails out to prospects. It’s also a freebie he mails to people when someone signs up for a webinar. It helps position him as the person that “wrote the book” on the industry. What else did Will do? What services do they offer? Listen to learn more!

Will’s SEO plays to increase organic rankings

Google has placed a lot of emphasis on the Map Pack. 60–70% of their client’s leads come from that three-pack of results—more than organic search results. SEO is an umbrella that covers a lot of areas, far more than it used to.

To help them increase Map Pack rankings, Will has his clients print out business cards for every one of their customers. Each business card has a QR code on the back so installers can hand it to a client. All they have to do is scan it with their phone and it will lead them to Google to leave a review. They need those reviews and testimonials on their website to help move them up in rankings and increase time on page.

They also build out customizable QR codes for each tech so business owners can track who is—or isn’t—asking for reviews. Clients may incentivize installers to ask for reviews. It’s a great way to move the needle.

What is Will’s client retention strategy? How do they deliver top-notch results for their clients? Listen to the whole interview to learn some great strategies you can implement in your agency!

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