Want your digital marketing agency to stand out and attract new clients on autopilot? A well-executed content marketing strategy can make that happen.

Not all types of content are created equal, however. By focusing on creating the right content, you’ll be able to scale your agency… fast. This article will help you prioritize your content creation strategy by sharing the top 7 content types that drive agency success.

1. Blogs

Did you know blogs are a great way to attract new leads that can become high-paying clients? According to the data, B2B sites with blogs get 67% more leads than sites without a dedicated blog.

Creating a blog brings traffic to your website, builds your authority, and allows you to provide value in advance to potential clients. Remember to write with SEO strategies in mind to ensure that your posts get qualified traffic from search engines.

If you’re not sure what to write about, we recommend sharing winning strategies, current projects, and marketing knowledge you’ve accumulated as an agency owner. You can also use free tools like Answer the Public to find out what your audience is asking about to get ideas for topics.

2. Videos

People consume content in different ways, and video allows you to connect with an audience beyond simple words on a screen. People can watch (or listen to) videos while they’re driving, working out, or multitasking. Plus, videos put a name and a voice to your agency, accelerating relationship and trust-building.

The videos you create as part of your content marketing strategy can be published on your YouTube channel, on a landing page, or even on your blog.

3. Podcasts

Like videos, podcasts give your audience another way to consume content. Podcasts have increased in popularity over the past decade, with 62% of people regularly tuning into audio content.

If you love speaking, why not start a podcast? Or get exposure to new audiences by appearing as a guest on other podcasts.

4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content involves crowdsourcing other people’s content and leveraging it for the benefit of your brand. This allows you to grow your audience and attract new clients without necessarily having to create a piece of content on your own.

For digital marketing agencies, the best types of user-generated content include reviews, testimonials, and case studies. These pieces of content can be standalone, or you can add them to landing pages and your social media channels.

5. Infographics

Digital marketing agency owners tend to have a lot of insight into specialized topics that can help potential clients grow and scale their businesses. If you have an eye for graphic design, a designer in-house, or access to a skilled freelancer, you can create eye-catching infographics that impart your knowledge.

In addition to being easy to consume, infographics can also be shared on social media, in email campaigns, and across your owned properties (like your blog!).

For more ninja tips on how to grow your digital marketing agency, check out this blog post.

6. Case Studies

As an agency owner, you have to be able to toot your own horn. After all, it’s the results that you get for other companies that are vital in attracting new clients.

A winning case study formula is to present a client challenge in a “before and after” format. For example, before Client X began working with you, what problem did they face? What did you and your team do to help them overcome that obstacle?

Be as specific as you can in your case studies without violating any client confidentiality. Compelling case studies will include data about success metrics and timeframes.

7. eBooks

You don’t have to be a bestselling author or a wordsmith to write an eBook. An eBook can be particularly effective as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something of value that you offer for free to a prospect in exchange for their email address.

Delivering a free eBook to a prospect via email or a download from an ad or landing page provides value in advance and allows you to demonstrate your expertise immediately. After you deliver the eBook, the prospect can be added to your follow-up funnel or get retargeted with ads.

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Scale Your Digital Marketing Agency to Seven Figures (and Beyond)

When your content is done right, you’ll naturally boost brand awareness, attract your ideal clients, and nurture leads. For more resources about winning content strategies, check out this blog post about blogging mistakes, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Seven-Figure Agency Podcast.

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