Making captivating client case studies is the solution if you’re seeking a game-changing tactic to establish yourself as an industry authority and draw a constant stream of clients.

Case studies provide a special chance to back up your expertise with hard evidence, and companies are naturally drawn to agencies that can show a successful track record. You can effectively demonstrate your expertise by using video-based case studies to present an engaging story that connects with your audience.

In this blog article, we introduce The Case Study Builder, a thorough, step-by-step method that may be used to create exceptional case studies.

You’ll have a comprehensive knowledge of how to produce compelling client case studies at the end of this video, which will help your digital marketing agency reach new heights.

Learn more by watching the video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] The Agency Growth System™
  • [2:28] 5 steps to take to leverage case studies
  • [4:50] The two types of testimonial formats
  • [6:29] Focus on format and flow
  • [8:44] Ask the right questions
  • [9:27] Demonstrate real-life impact
  • [10:24] How to promote case studies

Why Case Studies Matter

Client case studies hold immense significance in establishing credibility and attracting potential clients.

These studies serve as tangible evidence of your ability to deliver results. By presenting real data, you can validate your claims and highlight your achievements.

Businesses are naturally drawn to agencies that can demonstrate their expertise through documented success stories, making case studies a vital tool in your marketing arsenal.

The Power of Video-Based Case Studies

When you hear the phrase “case study” you likely think of a long PDF doc that includes screenshots, data points, etc. that’s boring. That’s not what you should do.

Unlike written case studies, videos allow you to weave a compelling narrative, engaging viewers on a deeper emotional level.

By incorporating visuals, testimonials, and real-life scenarios, you can bring your success stories to life, making a lasting impression on potential clients.

5 steps to take to leverage case studies

We want to help our clients grow and succeed. So we’re always geared toward getting them good results. You want to create an amazing experience with stellar results so the clear impact you have in their business is astounding. Start every client relationship with the intention to knock it out of the park.

  • Step #1: Knock it out of the park for every client
  • Step #2: Use a simple interview framework
  • Step #3: Outline the questions you’ll ask and how they’ll flow
  • Step #4: Design your syndication strategy
  • Step #5: Leverage the case studies to attract ideal clients

The two types of testimonial formats

Each of these formats has its place.

  • Option #1: The client testimonial interview: You can do the interview via Zoom, ask your questions, edit them, and syndicate. This is more informational and emotional.
  • Option #2: Video-based results case study: You pull up their website, where they’re ranking, initial reporting, and then the effect after you’ve worked together. This is more analytical.

I recommend running a mix of both of these styles of interviews.

Focus on format and flow

Keep things simple.

  • Conduct the interview via Zoom (or you can use Restream and broadcast it live)
  • Let them know in advance the questions you’ll be asking
  • Capture audio and video at the same time (it’s easy to transcribe)
  • If it’s long enough, turn the interview into a podcast
  • Post the content on social media and in groups
  • Physically mail the testimonial to your dream 100 list

Live client case studies and interviews can be powerful. Why? You can do a Q&A at the end and people can get their questions answered in real time from real clients.

Ask the right questions

I’ll share a list you can use, but the main questions you want to tackle include:

  • Ask who they are and what services they provide
  • What problems were they looking to solve?
  • Why did they choose your company?
  • What did you implement?
  • What has the outcome been? How has it positively impacted them?

This will lead to a powerful and compelling case study that you can leverage. You have to be able to demonstrate how your company took them from where they were to where they wanted to be. Demonstrate real-life impact.

How to promote case studies

You can send this out via email and post it on social media. My favorite play is getting the case studies in front of your ideal client by running Facebook ads. You should run Facebook ads to your target audience. It’s one of the best things you can do. If they opt-in, you know they’ll be influenced by the results you produce. They’re giving you their name and email and entering your funnel.

When you’re promoting these case studies on social media, these people will subconsciously see you as an expert in the industry.

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