Let me tell you about Oscar. He’s one of my clients and he’s established himself as an expert in creating video content.

I was looking at his videos just recently and I was amazed by how well he’s doing… 

You see, Oscar has the short-form video format nailed!

He knows what information to deliver and how without sounding salesy. Oscar’s social media videos also have great headlines and captions.

I mean…

He’s hitting all the right notes!

But what surprised me was the fact that I knew Oscar was very busy. As he handles content creation, he’s also helping clients, managing his business, etc.

So, I asked him how he finds the time to create amazing videos consistently.

Oscar said that he does his video in batches. And for the most part, he tries to get as many as he can get done in one day.

But he also admits that he can sometimes lose focus… 

When he’s very busy, he might forget to create a video altogether.

Although Oscar has a solid mechanism and framework in place, it’s clear that he still needs help.

So, this is what I want to talk to you about today… 


In a previous email, I talked about the need to remove yourself from the syndication process. It’s one of the best ways to free up time to work on your agency.


That won’t help much if you forget to record your content, right?

I’ll tell you what Oscar has done to avoid this. 

He didn’t just outsource the syndication to his VA…

Oscar empowered his VA to hold him accountable!

His VA would chase him down and ask for content. He’d remind him of the schedule, the framework, topics, and so on.

Oscar doesn’t miss a beat as a result.

Sure, he sometimes feels like he has a boss, which is funny…

But he remains consistent in his delivery.

And this is the takeaway here.

If you struggle to create content for your agency consistently, for whatever reason, empower someone to hold you accountable.

You’re more likely to take action when you get feedback from someone else than if you are holding yourself accountable.

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