In this video, we review The Agency Growth System and how it has accelerated our agency’s growth, as well as the growth of many others in the Seven Figure Agency community.

Our Seven Figure Agency Methodology is based on this system, which breaks down daily, monthly, and quarterly practical tasks and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your progress and success.

To achieve consistent growth within your business, you have to fill your funnel, land clients, deliver results, and retain clients. When this system is operating like a fine-tuned machine, you’ll have consistent and reliable growth.

Watch the whole video below to learn how you can duplicate our process to accelerate your growth:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:26] The Agency Growth System
  • [2:02] What you need to do daily
  • [3:08] What you need to do monthly
  • [4:51] What you need to do quarterly
  • [6:22] Convert opportunities into clients
  • [7:58] How to retain your client base

How to keep your pipeline full

Whether it’s cold outreach, webinars, speaking at events, running Facebook ads, sharing video content, setting up joint venture opportunities, and more, you need to keep your pipeline full. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

Daily Cold Outreach: You need to get a list of prospects in your niche and start reaching out to them. Send a message with a value-add in your introduction. If you do this daily, you’ll build a database of prospects who know, like, and trust you.

Monthly: Host a monthly webinar and a podcast. Once a month, come up with a topic, promote it on your list, do the webinar, take the recording and syndicate it. Once a month, do an expert interview-style podcast. Interview someone in your niche and ask them about how they’re succeeding. These two things will fill your pipeline—and your calendar.

Quarterly: You need to look for industry events, conferences, and trade shows to go to as an exhibitor or speaker. Once a quarter, you want to create new case studies featuring clients and their results.

Doing these activities daily, monthly, and quarterly will always keep your pipeline full. And you only need to have at least 15 strategy sessions per month to continue to grow.

Convert opportunities into clients

You need to get the ultimate agency funnel in place to get prospects into your calendar and show up pre-positioned to buy. Secondly, you need to master the sales process. Your team needs a great consultative sales process to move prospects from interested to saying yes.

The KPI to shoot for here is a 30% close ratio. 15 strategy sessions with a 30% conversion rate put you at 4–5 new clients per month. This growth should lead you to grow into a seven-figure agency over 12 months.

How to retain your client base

You retain your clients by delivering great results and creating a great experience. We shoot for a 97% monthly retention rate. The key is world-class onboarding. You have to send them things in the mail, quickly gather necessary emails and passwords, and create quick wins.

You also need a great communication rhythm. Are you meeting with them monthly and helping them understand the value you’re providing? Lastly, you need to focus on the account manager advantage strategy, which means building a team to manage relationships for you. When dialed in correctly you’ll retain at 97% or higher.

This system was a powerful way for us—and the other agencies we work with—to accelerate to seven figures and beyond. To go deeper on any of this process, check out our Agency Roadmap.

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