Do Google Maps rankings still matter? I believe that it would be a HUGE mistake to assume that Google Maps is no longer a large component of any successful digital marketing campaign. So to get your clients to show up as often as possible in the map pack, there are four key things you need to focus on. Focusing on these can help your clients be FOUND online and STAND OUT from their competition.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:17] Is Google Maps still relevant?
  • [5:05] The goal is to own the search results
  • [6:07] Our proven formula to rank in the 3 pack
  • [9:13] What are the best tools for citations?
  • [9:52] You have to take a holistic approach

Is Google Maps still relevant?

Do Google Map listings still matter? Our statistics show that 44% of clicks and calls still go to Google Map listings. So yes, it still matters.

One of the clients we work with is Shamrock Plumbing. If you type “Orlando Plumber” in Google they’re prominent in the search results. They spent around $3,000 on ads and got 405 leads directly from Google Maps.

Another client, Nixco Plumbing, shows up in the Google Map Listings. They spent $2,000, got 421 leds, and 183 of them were directly from Google Maps. Another company we work with in Fargo, ND has 835 calls directly from Google Maps.

But does it matter in 2023? Is it still relevant? The amount of leads generated from Google Maps is still increasing today. You can’t rely on PPC alone. This NEEDS to be part of your organic strategy for your clients.

Our proven formula to rank in the 3 pack

There are four things you need to do to rank in the 3-pack:

  1. Claim and optimize the Google profile listing. Make sure the name, phone number, categories, etc. are all up-to-date.
  2. Make sure there are citations in online directories for that client
  3. You need to make sure the client has numerous reviews—the more reviews the better. You should have a quick-win process to obtain reviews from clients.
  4. You need good on-page SEO (proper optimization of every key area)

Pay attention to data aggregators to claim both tier one, tier two, and tier three directory listings for your business. It also gives you a consistent loop of the right name, address, and phone number.

You have to take a holistic approach

There isn’t one single thing you can do to rank. You have to take a holistic approach and focus on content, on-page optimization, Google profile optimization, and SEO strategy. I’m a big fan of creating content that gets pushed through news sites with GMB embeds to improve rankings on Google maps.

If you want more insights on the topic or have any questions, reach out to me!

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