In this session, I’m joined by Lane Houk from Quantum Newswire. We’ll be talking about how to generate noticeably better SEO results for your clients by taking your content strategy to the next level with content syndication and signal amplification.

We talk about how to get your clients better results in Google Maps & with organic listings. How to have a more tangible monthly deliverable to show your clients & ultimately retain them longer. We also talk about the key signals that Google looks at when ranking your client’s website (EAT).

So glad to have you with us on today’s special session, we’re gonna be talking all about how to maximize your clients SEO results with content syndication and signal amplification, which is it’s kind of a new thing. It’s kind of a new topic. And so I’m super excited to have lane and Matt with me today from from quantum Newswire. We’re just gonna be sharing some really cool strategies and initiatives that can help you drive better results and better rankings for your clients. So say hi, Matt, and, and Lane, everyone.

Every time I do one of these sections, I like to start with like, what’s the what’s the reason? What’s the problem? You know, you don’t sit on a training for the fun of it. You sit on it because there’s a problem or a challenge that needs to be addressed. Right. And we’re facing some specific challenges in our agency that really brought this whole this whole session about and probably the biggest is sometimes the clients

Don’t get ranked, they’ll get ranked for their main keyword they don’t get ranked for the GMB listings. And as internet marketing companies as SEO agencies, we need to be able to consistently reliably get our clients results. I don’t know I would love to hear like a yes in comments. Have you experienced this? For one client? You’ll set everything up. Right, right. You do the title tags, h1 tags, meta descriptions, you’ll help them get reviews, you will make sure they’re in the city center, you’ll drive some quality links, you’ll drive some quality citations. And one client will shoot straight to the top beyond spot one, page one, but the same exact strategy for another client and another area for whatever reason, just doesn’t generate that same result. And that creates a problem right? Because you can’t you can’t produce the result the client gets upset. You start to be like I don’t know what to do next. I’m not sure where to go from here. Alright, so this is it. Just me I’m getting a bunch of yes yeses, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. You on Anthony. Okay. So yes, this is why we’re on this, this track this session, right, we want to solve for this. The other thing is, it can be hard to show tangible, ongoing activity. Like as agencies, we tend to get really good at the launch process of the launch part of what we do for our clients, right, creating the pages, creating the, you know, the unique content, claiming their online directories, putting them in EAX, or some other citation management platform. And a lot of work goes into the setup. And the setup in a lot of cases can can kind of win the day, right? In a lot of cases, you do the setup, right? And the client winds up ranking, getting the results and you look like a hero.

But there has to be more to it, right? You can’t just set it and forget it. Your clients are paying you a monthly fee, you know, usually let’s say 1000 to $3,000 per month for SEO specific services.

And they’re inevitably going to ask like, what is it that you did for me last month, right, and you will want to be judged based on activity? You want to be paid based on activity? But it’s good to have an answer to that question when they say, you know, what have you done for me lately and posted comments activity, if this comes up from time to time with clients, even when they’re ranking on the first page, even when they’re getting hundreds of leads and calls, they want to know what what is it that you’ve done for me? What’s the impact? Yes, lots of lots of like, what’s the activists we need to have an answer for this, we need to be able to show them something specific on a monthly basis. Hey, here’s what we did. Here’s, like what’s happening as a function of it, and a very clear what’s happening on an ongoing basis. answer to that particular question. So a bunch of activities all the time, these clients want to know like, what what are you doing for me?

And, you know, for me, as someone that teaches agencies and does SEO, and we work with hundreds of plumbing HVC companies across the country at this point, you always or at least I always have this fear that you’re not going enough where you don’t have a best in class strategy, right? So you’re always trying to find the silver bullet you’re trying to find the the secret ninja strategy that’s going to somehow magically get your client ranked on the first page. And, you know, when when you’ve got this feeling in the back of your head, that’s like, I don’t know, if what I’m doing is in the best interest of the client, I don’t know if this is the best thing I should be doing from my client that can relate that can lead to a lack of confidence, a lack of confidence to retain the client, because sometimes even if they’re getting great results, even if they’re ranking on the first page, even if they’re getting a tremendous ROI, if you as the business owner, don’t have the confidence that what you’re doing is best in class, then your team might not have the confidence and even though they should absolutely stay with you, and even though they should absolutely, you know, be happy with the results because you don’t have the confidence you can’t properly project that to the client. Is it just me or have you some of you guys wonder, like maybe just type in their second guess whether you feel like you know

I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing. I don’t know if I’ve got the full, like strategy completely fleshed out, we put a second guest in, in the in the comments, a bunch of no doubts. Oh, yeah, a lot. Yep. We all second guess ourselves, right? So coming on sessions like this just helps to reinstate, you know, I know what I’m doing. I’ve got all the right strategies, and maybe for pick up one or two nuggets of things that you can do better for your clients and get them better results. And ultimately, you know, at the end of the day, as agencies, our biggest

our biggest reason for being is to get our clients results, right is to get them ranked, but more importantly, to get their phones ringing and to get them a tangible, measurable return on investment. And if what we’re doing doesn’t provide that outcome, clients are going to cancel, right? And that’s one of the most painful aspects of running an agency right. We pour our heart and souls into getting the clients we put ourselves out there as the experts and they come to us and they believe in us and they’ve put their

faith in us. And when they cancel, it’s because we fail to deliver on our promises, or we fail to show the value that we can bring to the table. And so that’s why I think this session today is so mission critical. Like if we can’t figure out how to get our clients ranked on a consistent basis, if we can have the confidence that what we’re doing is is right, and if we can’t, you know, be able to show them tangible, measurable activity, the clients aren’t going to stick around and ultimately, your business is going to stagnate. And so that’s really where I think the opportunity is and that’s what I’m excited about this session. We’ve we’ve changed some things in our agency over the last I think it’s like five or six months I’m gonna show you some case study data that has improved the results has given us some of the answers to the activity question and has absolutely helped with our our client retention. And ultimately, the opportunity is we get our clients ranked really well for their main keyword organically on the Google Maps are able to show very clear on going strategy and activity, like we can jump on the monthly call with the client to talk about results. But also when they ask about activity, we can show them. Look, here’s what we did. Here’s some new links we got, here’s where you got picked up by the by some of the new sources. Here’s how your, you know, your secondary And third, third level keywords are moving up in rankings. And you can feel confident that you’re doing the right thing you can feel good about what you’re doing. And that confidence that energy flows into every aspect of your business. It flows into your team be more capable of retaining, it flows into your ability to go on confidently sell and position yourself as the expert, which ultimately is going to lead to success right is going to lead to your clients getting results knowing that you have the answers and that you’re able to really maximize your client retention rate. So if some of this stuff lands for you posting comments like if, if that sounds pretty good, I want to hear what you’re most excited about as it relates to having a better ongoing strategy for your client.

Somebody’s popping comments. I want to make sure you know, we don’t just ramble and ramble, and we don’t give you a chance to check in and kind of let us know what you’re thinking. So Gloria say confidence, Don saying, john, great to have you with us predictability and SEO results for the clients.

Knowing that the blueprint works, right, absolutely. Mike.

Rudy says confidence. Ryan says 100%. Agree. Awesome. All right. Good, good, good. So, so this is this is what you guys came for. This is what you guys want to learn. And I’ll just say I did a webinar on this. I think it was like three or four months ago and correct me if I’m wrong. And it was just unpacking this whole idea of changing the SEO strategy, being a little bit more aggressive with content syndication, and tapping into some new cool tool, new tools that can really help you show that activity. And I kind of put it out there we changed our internal business processes based on it

What I want to do now is just share some of the results that have followed as a result of this change, posting comments if that would be cool to kind of see a couple of these real examples where it’s not just hypothetical. Oh, yeah, you know, this is gonna show us some cool stuff. But like, we did it. And this is the actual result. Alright, cool. Cool. Cool. You guys want to see real examples? Awesome. So let me let me do this. So you guys have access to this document? It’s a seven figure agency SEO case study, right, which will open up a Google Doc with real life case studies. So let me just pop this up real quick.

So what we did was we took we took our challenge client, how many of you guys have challenged clients where it’s like you did the basic stuff that you do for everybody? And just for whatever reason, it didn’t get them where they needed to be. Give me a yes. If you’ve done that. Yeah, so we took those guys were like, all right.

Right. You know, this whole news syndication thing, let’s see if it helps. But let’s not like take our best already ranked client, let’s find the ones that aren’t the ones where we’re struggling. And let’s let’s put them through the process. And so one example here is foxen sons. They’re based in

Jeez, Vernon, Vernon, British Columbia. So we you know, and we do pretty we do really well actually with our on page optimization, right, right. Good website, properly optimized title tags, h1 tags, good, you know, good content, unique throughout pages for each of the services pages for each of the cities. But that’s the on page. That’s the setup stuff. Like we have to be doing things that move the needle off page as well. And so we did what lane is going to be showing you guys here using the tools that he’s teaching on today’s session. And I just want to show you, I’m going to show you the bright local ranking report. I’m going to run some I’m going to run some searches. So like now if we type in

burning bush Columbia heating repair.

Fox and sons right there, they moved up to maps, they moved up to the to the second spot organically.

I’m not going to bore you to death with a bunch of searches here, but just just know that AC repair, heating repair is extremely competitive in a market like this, and they weren’t in the top couple results. And now they are, and you know, the quantum Newswire stuff we’re going to show and really impacted those results. And so if you look at this, over that period of time, when we started doing it, they had 151 keywords move up, and 352 keywords that weren’t indexed, get added to the search results. And so lots of lots of their key. I mean, you guys are all familiar with bright local,

lots of page one rankings here. So that’s a pretty good indication that this stuff is working and it’s in having an impact I’m not going to hit a dozen of these I’m just going to hit a couple. The next one is the this client we work with called flow plumbing in where the Brentwood, California also pretty competitive market again, you know the foundational elements of this great website title tags, h1 tags, solid but now we type in whoops plumber flow plumbing.

I’m not gonna I’m not gonna, you know, I plan to like run a dozen searches here while we were watching but I think you get the idea. You have this document, you know, go through it. If nothing else, this should just give you confidence that this isn’t pie in the sky. It’s not like okay, you know, do some additional stuff off page. We did what we’re about to show you and our clients results have improved significantly, their call volumes have increased. And our retention as a company has improved. And so it like this is kind of awkward for me to show real client results but like give me a helpful just like helpful just from my own personal confidence level of it’s helpful to to know that I’ve kind of vetted this and I know that it’s actually working for our clients. Okay, cool, good, good. Thank you guys for that, that that little vote of confidence. So you have access to those use them. Also, you know, use our sites as a point of reference, like how we structure them title tags, h1 tags, meta description, content structuring. But what I want to do now is I want to hand it off to lane to explain what we’re doing from a from a content source. What it makes sense if I show like what we’re doing with our blogs here, should we do that after that? Go ahead. Now you got you gotta go and you got your your screen sharing. I think it’ll be good. Okay. So, one of the big biggest things we changed was we’ve always done blogging, right, we would just blog to the client website. And, you know, we would spend a lot of time and energy on this, like we write the content, we come up with a topic, we create the graphics, we put it up there. And those blog posts were just basically an activity metric. It was like, okay, we did a blog, who cares, right? It didn’t get picked up in the index. It didn’t drive any additional authority for their site. And so what lane has built through quantum newswire is the ability to take what would typically be just a standard blog, really inject it with with steroids and get it syndicated out on the local news, you know, news sites and create a lot of links and a lot of internal signals back for our clients. And so I’ll just show you a couple examples and lanes going to get a lot more specific on this. But if we hit now, instead of just the blog, we’ve got this news section on the site. And so what happens is the same sort of blog written from from a little bit different perspective also then gets picked up by these new sources. And the original source of the content is our clients. It’s not like PR Newswire or scission or one of these other press release sites. It’s their, it’s their actual website. So they’re getting all of the authority, they’re getting all of the juice, they’re getting all of the all of the benefit of that content being picked up on high authority new sites across the internet. So it’s kind of an interesting play on the whole concept of press releases, but in a way to leverage your content you’re already putting out and so you know, there’s one of their what would have been a normal blogs picked up on hundreds of new sites with strategically placed links back to the back to the client website, and strategically placed GMB signals with an actual GMB. You know, we can talk about it more specifically GNB embed right on the on the post that’s picked up on you doesn’t

Dozens of new sites.

So should I do you want to you want to fill anything in there? Should I kick it off to you, Elena let you? That’s a great, that’s a great segue. I think just showing how you implemented it into your workflow and process for everyone else will, I think we’ll give them a good visual of it. You know, what he wants, you see one site, you can duplicate this on all client sites, which is exactly what Josh and his team did over the last three months was, you know, install the WordPress plugin on all the WordPress sites across each client, and then begin to replace that blog article with now you know, an article that gets distributed out to authoritative media sites and creates thousands and thousands of signals. Whereas before it was just a, you know, kind of a static blog that maybe the client saw maybe a few other people might see but really didn’t do a whole lot. So that replacement there you can see the results kind of speak for themselves. Yeah, I’m going to stop the and let you let you pick up from there is this helpful guys to see? So last time we did this it was just kind of like conceptual is it helpful to see like the real sites with how the the news releases being added as a as a blog? Okay, awesome. Okay, I’m going to kick it back to you now lanes gonna explain how this works and why it works and why lights useful. Can you get it perfect, I’ll start start sharing here.

Tell me when you guys are seeing my screen.

We’re seeing it. Cool. I always hit the I always hit the share button. So that present. Alright, I’m Josh, thank you, first of all, really, I mean, did a great job just kind of explaining how you guys implemented it into your workflow. Appreciate the the case study you did there too. That was really, really helpful. It’s helpful for us to just to see it from objectively from somebody else who implement it not just on one side or two sites, you know, those are great, but when you implement it the way you did across you know all of your client campaigns and sites and then get that metric

That’s a, that’s a whole different, you know, vantage point and then sharing that with everyone else too. So thank you for that. I appreciate that in the introduction. Everyone else, thank you for being here today.

First of all, this isn’t a sales pitch on quantum Newswire, we’re going to try and just give you guys a bunch of great information, how you choose to use it and implemented into your agency is completely up to you. Certainly, we’ve built a tool that that Josh kind of referencing quantum Newswire a solution that helped us you know, really, you know, kind of get the same results, the same type of lift and efficiencies that Josh talked earlier in our own agency. And, and we’re excited in late 2018 to release it, start releasing it to our agency partners. I’ll start here just just quick because where this comes from much like Josh, it comes from our own digital agency that I started back in 2010. And our our bread and butter for the better part of a decade has been websites and SEO, websites and local last year, largely, although there were some national SEO, some e commerce SEO woven in there as well, but for the most part, the bread and butter, as Josh talked about was just the same websites and less local SEO, if we added on PPC, Google ads and Facebook ads that we did that as well, but the real bread and butter and the real profit drivers in our agency has been websites and SEO.

We, you know, in before quantum Newswire, we use other software, some of it I refer to as crap were just things that just didn’t work. But honestly, as Matt and I, we we we delve deep into SEO for the better part of eight to nine years. And also saw just a lot of other software companies that we just got tired of like giving them all the hints and the ideas of what to do how to make it better. So we got to work to build our own our own solution. When and when we decided to build quantum Newswire, we immediately decided we were going to build this for other agencies if we’re going to build it for our

Let’s just build it for others as well. And then strategically we’ve we’ve focused on building in advanced signal signaling strategies into the technology, we did not build this to be a press release software. It’s not a press release software. We don’t compete with press release software’s were completely different. This is a signaling technology. And I’m going to show you a little bit more in terms of kind of delving into that. But we built this for other agencies, like we built it for our own agency from the ground up, and we built it also with SEO automation in mind. You might be familiar with some of these other services that are out there, you may have used them may have not some I know some people like I’ve never even heard of press releases. What is that? Why would you use that for SEO, other people have used it extensively and some just kind of mildly here and there, regardless of your usage. You know, these are some of the others Kwazii similar services that you might be familiar with, but we have some significant differences and departures

From what is kind of the traditional pressure, the software types of solutions that are out there. So the question What can I use this for right? Number one, you can satisfy Google’s algorithms hunger for eat, what is eat stands for expertise, authority and trust. And so you can use quantum Newswire or in if you’re not going to use a quantum Newswire, once you certainly want to be doing in your local SEO campaigns, or your organic SEO campaigns is you want to be looking to build the the profile of the entity, your client, right. So you what is that eat profile made up of expertise, authority and trust. And so when it comes to to establishing expertise, what you want to look for is quality structured and media rich content. Googlebot loves media rich content when it crawls an article, and it has links and it has images and it has videos. It has third party links. It has linked variants. That’s a media rich

And a good structured type of content. And so when you in it, and I look at it as if you were a manual reviewer for Google and you went and you read a page of content, what would be your opinion on it? And so when I kind of look at it through that lens, and so we try to structure content in a certain way so that it looks like it’s structured and that there’s an expert who actually wrote this. So certainly always look for ways where you can structure your content. Joe talked about this at our last mastermind down in Miami, about three weeks ago just about structuring your content properly. We actually have a rich text editor inside quantum that allows you to structure your content in certain ways to produce on page signals authority. Well, how do you get authority while you get published get published on on authoritative sites. Certainly the ABC CBS is foxes of the world that helps you build authority but anywhere you can get your clients content published is going to help you build authority, especially if that publication of that content or the sixth syndication of that content, or the amplification of that content, whatever word you like to use. If that content, wherever it gets gets some traffic as well, even just a few hits of traffic, that’s going to help to build authority, because now that content is, is also getting some behavioral signals trust, you can pass trust with page rank. With link signals. There’s certainly some implied trust when you get published on on authoritative sites, Forbes, you know, wherever it might be, you know, there’s certainly Association you know, for a lot of you who are niched, getting published your clients content, publish even on the association sites, if they can get a guest post there. Those types of things pass trust. If you have a do follow link, you can pass page rank. And so those are the things that can really help you build the eat profile of a client, the profile of an entity. Your clients is probably of the algorithm. There are specific signals that Google’s algorithm is looking for that all support the heat profile and help build it. You can also use quantum Newswire and other tools to generate authoritative signals. So what you want to be looking at, in your in your agency as you do SEO, whether you whether you outsource it or insource it, by the way, you want to look at it really from a standpoint of just generating signals. Seo at the Edit at this highest level is all about signal generation. So the more types of signals that you can generate around your clients, their company, their entity, and their primary assets, which would be their website and their Google listing, the more signals you can generate around those two assets, the better you’re going to do in your SEO outcomes. And so when we built quantum Newswire, like I said, we built it from the ground up with the strategic outlook of how can we generate as many signals as as possible

With one article of content, and so one of those cities some of the different ways that you can generate authoritative signals on quantum Newswire, but regardless of what again, like I said, whether you use quantum Newswire or use other tools, look at it as signal generation and look at how can we holistically generate these signals in an ongoing type of monthly cycle, which is how we encourage it with for those who are using quantum. So going back in our agency back to 2014, I think it was when maaske came out with this pie chart and it’s evolved over the years. I really stuck with me and I this this word signals just began to really kind of settle into a how I looked at our SEO strategy. And so when Matt and I embarked on on creating quantum, we just looked at it like this pie chart. All right, Matt. When we take one article of content, and we feed it into the quantum engine, how can we generate more of these signals and so on different ways we plug in different strategy and technology

In the quantum to help generate as many of these signals so with one article of content in quantum, you’ll generate very authority authoritative powerful GMB signals. You’ll you can produce links signals both following nofollow or do follow a nofollow. And also you can have good link variants, you can produce on page signals citation signals, you’ll get behavioral signals with real live traffic and click through from these authoritative media sites. And you can repurpose the the live media site links into your social strategy and create really good social signals as well.

This is if you’re familiar with this, this is a different way of looking at signal generation. And Search Engine Land puts this out each year as well. And I went through all their different signal categories in their periodic table of SEO factors and notated the different places or categories were with. If you feed content in the quantum you’ll fire off signals in these different

categories and it’s the signal generation strategy at its core. That is the result of better SEO outcomes. I Tommy, how many of you guys have studied the ranking factors guide? And the thing put out by David men and all of these? You know, basically, it’s a compilation of experts saying what they think actually impacts rankings. I know I’ve pored through these these reports for years. Danny’s Yes. And the Yes. Yeah. Students of the game. I mean, you guys, are you guys? Are you familiar with this stuff? Right. It’s just like, how do you give yourself and your clients the competitive advantage? Tom’s for sure. Okay. Sorry to interrupt that is good. And please do as much as much as you need or feels appropriate to it. As Josh was talking about this, you know, this was the challenge in our agency was not only how do we do this for one client, right, but how do we repeat this every 30 days in a cycle to just continually drive rankings and how do we do

efficiently economically so that we can actually scale our agency and not just grow because the way it was with with SEO for for a couple of years before we we really, you know, I said built out the strategy and, and kind of got it honed in was it, we would add more clients, and then we would have to add more staff and we’d had more clients than we’d have to add more staff and it was just kind of stair step. And it was really more what you call growth in our agency, but we didn’t really scale because we didn’t have the systems to efficiently reproduce this on a monthly basis. And so that’s what we try to solve as we kind of got to work on building quantum Newswire, and you know, going back to the eat profile, this is directly from Google’s quality guidelines. So this is what they give to their manual reviewers, and they they tell them literally

when you get to a page, look at the highlighted area who is responsible for the main content, find information about the website as well as the creator of the

content, that’s code word for author of the content, right. And so building the profile of an entity is really at the core all about authorship. Right. And so this is where it never made sense to me these all these other different Kwazii, similar press release services, we take our clients content, which we would have our writers write for them, by the way, and then we would take that content and we will go put it on a press release platform, they take that content will put it on their newsroom page or their website, and then distributors syndicated out, and then reference the source of that article being on their website, not our clients website. And that’s just that was like a block for me, like I just did that was like it didn’t understand it didn’t compute, it certainly didn’t fall in line with a best practice for authorship and what we’ve now come to known as an eat profile and entity. So we resolve that with our target size target site sourcing feature, which I’ll go into in a second as well. So just while you’re pulling up those next couple of slides who here

does some type of press releases for their clients as part of your standard practice at this point? One if you do, too, if you don’t, I’m just curious. I know for a long time, I always heard about press releases, I researched it. And I just didn’t buy into it at all. I was like, we’re going to get a bunch of nonsense, you know, references that aren’t going to improve our rankings. They’re going to be sourced on these other sites. And until this, we weren’t even really using it.

And I can tell you now that we’ve done it this way, it does work extremely well.

Awesome. Thank you, Susan. Well, thanks, guys. I appreciate that. I’m just curious to see where you guys were at. So for how many of you guys if you if you do local SEO, put maybe put five in in the in the chat box? If you do local SEO? Almost everybody hears local? Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. So this is important to know if you’re in the local SEO game, especially because this is the part of the local SEO algorithm. These three components are really growing

So the signals that support these three categories of the local admin were really important understand proximity, relevance and prominence. So proximity will, how close is that Google listing to the person who’s searching, right. And there’s really not much you can do about proximity. You either have it or you don’t, or you have a, you know, a component of it. But what you can do to help produce proximity signals, is use zip codes and geo coordinates in your content. So use zip codes and geo coordinates, kind of wherever you you feel like is appropriate. Sometimes it doesn’t look really right to have zip codes in an article. But you can certainly put zip codes and geo coordinates and your image metadata, for example, right? So there’s different places that you can use zip codes and geo coordinates, and that’ll send off some type of some proximity signals from for the local algorithm. The second one is relevant. So how relevant is the search term for the business? So Google is always looking for

relevance between the site, the Google listing and the search term. So optimized content and on page signals, Josh talked about how important that is right? In your overall SEO strategy. Make sure you nail your on page signals on the client’s website, because that’s going to be a key a huge key indicator for the algorithm about what is the relevant topic that this website is it should be matched with. So make sure you’ve got good content, good on page signals, but then use your primary business category. A lot of people I think, Miss that, like they have all these keywords and they forget, well, Google’s got its own categories, right. And sometimes those business categories don’t exactly match up to the keywords you’ll find on your keyword research, but use that primary business category in your content as well.

And then structured content so your section headings, obviously your h2 h1, h2 h3 text, those are specific signals to Google bot as it crawls, you know, as it crawls the content.

So that will also send off a signal of relevance right to the out to the algorithm or to Google bot as it crawls your content. So we really try to use section headings a lot in, in our content also in quantum Newswire, and then review velocity. niche citations also can can also help with relevance prominence. This is all about authority. So this is where quantum can really hit it out of the park in terms of building the prominence of the sending prominence type signals to the algorithm, building the profile. So authorship is really important here. There are specific things you can do around the authorship of with your clients. So number one, how many of you guys put a six in in the chat if you guys actually build out an authorship profile for someone at the business like the owner, or whoever it might be right, whoever wants to have their name out there, but are actually building a profile of an author at the client’s business.

For that your client, put a six in chat if you are, if you’re not, don’t worry about I don’t see many going into. So this is something that you want to pay attention to, because it will help support and set the prominence of the local algorithm. So assign an author at the company who’s going to be the actual individual authoring the content. And our planet. Would you recommend that be the owner of the company usually or the spokesperson? as and as Yes, and as many as people as possible? This is why I think sites like indeed and Glassdoor have skyrocketed in this and the other in the search rankings over the last couple years. Google wants to identify and match individuals with entities, right. And so the more you can proactively match an individual with the entity under authorship, you’re going to support prominence. And you’re also going to give more validation. Think about it as from an authority standpoint. Google wants to Google wants to find out the

individuals we want it because you can fake a lot of signals. But like I talked about at the mastermind, there are some signals that you can’t fake. And so if you can tie an individual to accompany, you’re going to give, you know more more things for Googlebot to match in terms of authorship to that, that entity. So build up multiple authorship profiles if, if not at least one. Mike wants to know if you can make the company name the offer. That’s

I wouldn’t, I would not recommend that you can certainly do that. If that’s if you want to just for ease, ease of purposes, what it for maybe those more difficult or challenging campaigns with Josh talked about some of those campaigns where we just like man stuck, it’s just stuck. These are the sort of things that you’d have to peel the layers of the onion away. And we look at prominence of authorship is definitely a place to look if you haven’t done anything in that respect in the past, especially for those campaigns where you feel like you’re stuck and we need to

Kind of get some more boost look at building on authorship profile build a gravatar. So you know, when you go to WordPress, com as, you can build out a profile on WordPress. com and that avatar that you build out can have all sorts of links and other things associated with it. And then you can actually associate that gravatar right into your WordPress user. So is that your recommended methodology for that? Yes, especially again, where tech where you have cases where you’re just that you need more, you know, more juice, you need more room to get them into the rankings, you’re just you know, so again, some people might say, that’s a lot of extra work. Yeah, it might be and building out an authorship profile. But again, a part of it’s just set up once you kind of get it done. And you have that authorship set up then that every month when you create more content, that individual at the entity is the author of that content. Yeah. Tom says he used to do it when it was Google Plus and we used to do a when Google Plus lets you set up authorship and you can get the owners face on the side.

So I think Matt and I have discussed this and Matt pipe in if you want to as well. But you know, we saw a lot of SEOs when when that authorship sort of thing, just kind of when Google stopped focusing it took some of those featured snippets away. It was almost like the SEO community just stop thinking about authorship. authorship has never gone away. Google just changed it and kind of went a little bit more covert about it, even in their Google in a guidelines or eat guidelines knows how they said the creator of the content, not the author. This is their word, not mine. Right. So authorship has never gone away. There’s just ways to definitely execute it to help support prominence, which is a major component of the local lead, moving that GMB listing up in the map pack.

Got it? Don is asking how many authors you recommend for typical local business.

The more the better, as long as they’re real individuals, you know, there. I mean, I would tie it to you know, because, again, Google wants to cross reference and match in the

visuals to companies that’s going to help build authority. Right? So it’s a process that I would just start off with one. And then, you know, as you have more, and certainly have a strategic talk with the company and the client about this, because they may have very specific people that they want to become the spokesperson for the company, some owners would rather remain kind of removed from the public eye and so you know, have that talk with them and figure out who’s the best person to really be that spokesperson or author or PR contact, if you will, as as well. So, yeah, Danny’s got some cool tips, Danny Pereira from copy marketing crew, great SEO guy, you know, tremendous member. He seems very important. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube gravatar, set them up on crunchbase like their individual profiles, linking back as the owner of the company really builds that profile out well. Good tip. Any also tips Dan and great you’re dead on Yep. And you can use the use all that right.

Any link all that to that author profile, you link the author profile to your user user on your WordPress site. And then if you’re using the quantum plugin, the new 1.8 volt legacy version or the new 2.0 version, both of them ask you to assign a default author in the plugin settings because our than our plugin will automatically use that author profile for all the authorship components of what we do on our end.

I was so you know, people will some often asked, Well, what how is this different? I’ve used other PR or other link building services. So you know, lane Matt, what is the unique value proposition that you have at quantum Newswire? Number one, we really don’t we put this first because it’s important. We only serve agencies. We are not a b2b competitor at quantum Newswire.

All the other services that we know will take in businesses and actually compete with you some of the services on that one of those other those previous

Slides actually started sending emails to our clients that were when we were listing our clients and their email addresses as the PR contact. We quickly adjusted that that before we had quantum Newswire, but we don’t want to underscore this.

We really only serve agencies, we’re not going to compete with you. We built it with agencies in mind. So the feature set and the way that it functions was built for agencies. Secondly, as a part of that we’re 100% private label, we’re invisible in the distribution process. Even our plugin does not have quantum Newswire on it does not lead back to us. We were very sensitive as our as our own agency of trying to create something that was truly private label that our agencies could use take the credit for, and just build better outcomes in their own client campaigns. The target site sourcing, it’s it’s a massive strategic shift from all the other services that are out there. The ability to take the content, source it wherever you

Choose either through our WordPress plugin in a quantum in quantum Newswire in an automated way, or manually if you have a blogger blog, a HubSpot blog, a different CMS for your franchises you serve whatever it might be, you take the content, put it on the source site, the source site, first, the target site that you want to rank, and that that has a significantly different shift and outcome in SEO.

We also built this because we are an agency and we wanted efficiencies, we wanted as much automation, we wanted to reduce human workflow because that also reduces errors and increases predictability and fulfillment. We built the plugin to just help with automating on page schema and publishing workflows. And then we also built that plugin for both agency news aggregator type functions and then also with a different feature set for client sites. So when you get the plugin in quantum Newswire, it has one feature

set for the agency to create like a news aggregator on their own agency site or on any site that they choose, and a separate set of features on the plugin. For client sites. Those features are turned on and off very simply through an API token or key.

We also integrated have we GMB signals in that pie chart GMB signals is the most important drivers accounts for 25% of the ranking factors. And so we wanted to really hit that area, the pie chart hard. And so what we did is a live Google Map integration. We were not even using embed code. This is truly a live google map display with three distinct GMB signals. The P ID, the CIT link and the pearl link we put it we give those to you as well. You get do follow a nofollow links. We have the permanent web archive feature which immortalizes the content on the Wayback Machine every article that you produce on quantum or distribute our

SAS software automatically

pings the Wayback Machine and gets the Wayback Machine to come crawl and render that page and create a permanent web archive of that article on the live media site and, and soda forever immortalizes that content, we have an advanced text editor for superior SEO and visuals in the pickup sites, you can embed videos and images, no extra charge where you have that on a lot of other different sites. And we have Post published editing. So I don’t know about you, but in our agency at times, we would make a mistake, you know what humans, we would make a mistake and all of a sudden the client would be like,

get an email, get that hated email, you know, like, hey, lane. We just saw that article and it’s got a spelling error or whatever, right? And you’re like, Oh, no, you know, I miss out on ABC and NBC and with the other services, we were just stuck or we’d have to pay about $100 fee to have it taken down.

on our platform with this main channel, you can actually go in and after publication, you can still go in and edit it, make your changes, resubmit and once we approve those, those new submissions that those changes get published out to the live media sites. So if you’ve made a mistake, you can correct it after publication and

you know, make the client happy without having to take the article down and republish something. We have a press release builder coming soon in March, we have our signal reporting dashboard which is actually live today. I’ll actually debut it for you here in a few seconds. And we’ve got an authority signal boost add on which is coming here in March as well which you’ll be able to add ons to produce thousands and thousands of extra supporting signals to support the the main press release or article that was distributed. So Oh, then we also have the voice search ecosystem. This was actually live in early 2019. We took it down, are doing some improvements, but we also

A voice search ecosystem coming as well in q2.

Anybody got questions? I don’t want to just keep talking that we have any questions, Josh? Man, I’ve been popping in questions. And, and that’s been doing a great job answering them really quick. All right, awesome. Great. So helpful, guys. I mean, it’s just helpful to kind of see

how this tool can help plug some some gaps. Okay, cool. Yeah, we’re getting some yeses. So this is the live live agency account. And so for those of you who are already quantum Newswire customers, when you log into your account today, now, you’ll see on your main dashboard, this tab called signals. And so the first thing you’ll do is you’ll just, you’ll feel choose, you know, an entity here, so we’ll just choose this one. Let me refresh.

you’ll choose an entity and then you can actually dive into an actual

Give me a second guys. I’m in the admin side. So I just got to quick go back into an agency account.


Yeah, you’ll choose an entity or a company in your agency account first. And then. So let’s pick this one here. And then you’ll see the amount of signals here, then you can actually pick one of the recent articles. And then you’ll get a dive into the actual signals for this release along with different components of signals that are being generated through this one article. Right. So first of all, we’ve got linked signals, we’ve got image signals, we’ve got media signals, map signals and citation signals. Alright, so signals, Rafael’s asking what are signals? Well, signals are what Googlebot is actually looking for as what they’re quite it’s Googlebot is actually quantifying its different components will call them digital signals that Google bot will pick up on right. So when it crawls any type of content, it’s looking for links, it’s looking for images, it’s looking and if

As nofollow links, we have do file links. And we’ll find videos, right? And so all of those types of media and things are. And in the underlying code, like that’s what we do. And on page signals, right? We, we put in h1 tags, or h2 tags. And those are all different signals that Googlebot finds. And it quantifies those and it assigns those to an entity when it’s when it when it can actually associate those signals, or that content with a defined entity. Right? So signals are what ultimately what Google bot is looking for, and quantifying and oftentimes even scoring when it’s when it’s determining the authority and where an entity or its website or GMB listing should show up inside the search rankings for any given keyword in any given geo geo geographic market, right. So these are the different types of signals and this is the new signal reporting dashboard that helps you again, Josh cok, talk about early how do we communicate what we’re doing each month, right?

What’s the activity? What’s really going on? And it really wasn’t enough for us to say, Well, here’s the article that we wrote for you at all here some of the sites that we got, that’s great. But now we can even go another level deeper and go, Mr. client, Mrs. client, here’s what were these the signals that we’re generating around your company around your website around your Google listing on a monthly basis strategically, to help influence better SEO outcomes. You can, you know, this is the first iteration that’s literally went live, you know, yesterday morning, Matt and team improve it today will continue to improve the signal reporting dashboard over the next you know, many weeks and months and so you’ll have more and more functionality go live within the signal reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to create a PDF of it coming soon right now, what I would recommend doing is just you can create a screenshot of this with Awesome Screenshot or anything else and you know, then you can just send off you know, this, this you know, signal report directly to

client. So here’s what we did this last month. Yeah, I’ll just, I’ll just pop in. So kind of connect the dots on this, right? We want to show the client better results, which is ultimately more leads and sales. We want to show them better metrics, which is better rankings more traffic to the site.

But the more technical client is going to be like, okay, but how many links did you get? What content got picked up? What? What things are you doing that are moving those other metrics? And that’s where being able to say, look, we pushed out this news release that got picked up by these new sites. And what if we run an H f h h ref report? Here’s all the links that we added over the last month that really solves a massive problem of like, what did you do for me? I think this new signal engine even takes it to the next level cuz I hadn’t seen this before. It’s like brand brand new stuff. You’re very cool. Yes, but like I said, this went live yesterday morning, the first iteration of it, Matt and team will continue to improve it an awesome job of this summer.

I’m really excited about this because I, again, I want to be able to communicate the value to our clients. And the more you can provide them, the more, the more it just solidifies and reduces that attrition or churn that we’re always fighting. Because once you acquire that client, you want to keep them. And this just helps you know, more, I think more accurately, really describe what’s going on beneath the surface. Because again, you can let me go out and look at this real quick here, I’ll show you.

So, so these little these images, these links are actually live too. So you can see the links that were in this release, and you know where they went. So, you know, for instance,

yeah, so this goes out to the client sites, you can actually link directly from that report out to the client site. Again, like Joshua site, you can see a news and media page. And you know, again, I don’t have to repeat this because Josh already showed this but I think it’s good. Yeah, this is the this is this is a, you know, a release that was brought in through the world.

Press plugin. Here you see again, section eyes structured content with h1, h2 h3 type section headings, and then a sample of these distribution links with nofollow links on the way out. So what we do is with that target site sourcing feature, again, this is the eat building the eat profile, really making sure that the clients assets, the website are the first place this content goes because this is once it goes to the client site right there. It’s there. It’s immortalized forever. That should be the most the first and permanent record of the content. But then, once it goes out through a quantum and gets syndicated and distributed out, again, you can see down here, we’re implicitly telling Google Hey, the original source is over here on the client’s website, we go back out to the client’s website. And again, this is what we’re trying to create this this loop for Google to go in, crawl the content. See the content and then a nofollow back out to the random sample of distribution sites. So you have him you have, you know, reporting here for your client, Mr. client, here’s the content that we produce for you in the month of February. Right. And also, here’s a random sample of the different places as our team works to get you published on different sites throughout the country. We’re trying to build your prominence your position you as experts, not just here locally, we want we want national level you know, type of publications to help you really build the authority and distinguish you from your local competitors who aren’t getting this type of coverage and then add on now the quantum Newswire single reporting dash where we can provide this to them as well and say, and by the way, here, all the supporting signals that are that are happening that are helping you actually produce better, better do better in the rankings. So good stuff, I’m just gonna I’m gonna check in real quick so Bob says not an SEO guru, sorry.

To be better educated, this is a little bit more tech and advanced than we usually do. But it’s mission critical, you know that you have the best strategies to get your clients ranked. So I’m sorry if this is a little bit on the deeper side, but more glad to fill in any gaps for you as we go. I think for the majority of the people, though, it’s right. You know, you guys are getting in it’s right where you want to be Tom’s asking.

you’d still be Yext or something similar to like, syndicate out the clients directors. Yes. That’s a different type of syndication. You want lots of name, address phone number references, you do that through Yext or sign up urban doctor one of these tools.

Quantum newswire is more for like taking your blogging and getting that stuff like syndicated on the news sources right lane. It is but it also we create citations signals with

that Yeah, yep. So you know, you have you have your authority listings, you know, Google Bing, Yahoo, the other authority listings Yelp and yex does really good with helping you get those authority.

listings and there’s other services besides Jax but you want those authority listings. But then you also want citations signals, Google will actually just see the occurrence of your business name, address, phone number, that nap, right. And so you want good velocity in terms of your citation signals. And so that’s one way we automate citation signals is every time you do an article and distributed out through quantum, you’re going to create 40 to 50 new structured citations on autopilot every single time you publish with the name, address, phone number and a do follow link to the clients website or homepage in the footer just above the live map display and just above the sourcing.

Yeah, so I’m also Sean Gannon, our Rookie of the Year seven figure he’s the Rookie of the Year wrote I’ve been I’ve been using quantum since launch and are in one of our first clients has 2400 signals now just check the dashboard and crushing it.

Now you


Yeah, I’m so excited about the the signal reporting dashboard. Just because I, you know, it even helps me just go Alright, this is what’s really happening. You know what I was going to kind of address Tom’s question like, well, this is kind of complicated and tacky. We really tried to make this simple and easy when it comes to just what the process and the workflow

with what our software does is it takes a lot of these complicated things and puts it into a three step process. And then the rest of it just is kind of on autopilot with what our technology is doing for you. So that’s where they got efficiency and why we created this was the tech lobbies, manual or more techie types of processes that SEO can oftentimes involved and turn into a pretty simple workflow. So this is what it looks like to create a new you know, press release or article. It’s a very simple 123 step process. Step one, just go in here and choose your client company if you need to add a new one on the fly.

You just add a new one on the fly. This information that you put in here is used in schema markup by our, by our software and by our plugins. So the more accurate this information is, and the more complete it is, the better it is in terms of the schema markup that our software can do for you automatically, again, some automation there in a best practice way, Matt and team have done a phenomenal job in terms of, you know, making that happen in an automated way on the WordPress site. The map is brought in automatically and we’re done with step one, we hit continue, we go to step two. And this is the guts of the article, the headline, the blog headline, our editor here, and I’ll show you a couple of features about this editor and how we create even more signals versus a lot of the other systems that are out there for content marketing or press releases. So number one, you’ll see this image here, but this image isn’t just dropped in here as an image. This image is actually coming in through a Google My Business posts. You see the domain here with this image resides it’s Google user content. com

If I were to take this image and go out to it, just you know, you can see it. It’s actually an image that’s on a Google domain, but it’s coming in from a Google My Business post. And so we went ahead and grab that GMB post image. And then we’d go ahead and bring it directly into the article here so that what it looks like on the live media sites is something like this, right, the image is out there. And again, this image right here is coming in from a GMB post so we’re automatically with this image now creating more GMB signals. We’re creating an image signal and we could actually even link this image out to the GMB listing or to the post itself by going and linking this and then creating a link signal as well. So you can see here, we’ve got this text here in HQ. You can mark up your text with the different types of h2 tags to sexualize your content and really make it better structure.

Another image And then you can see here, there’s no embed code, right? But what happens on the live site is a live map display. So even in quantum here, you don’t have to even worry about embedding the math code. Again, we’re trying to make it simple. Our software is doing all that for you and bringing in a live map signal, right. So I want you understand this is really powerful. There is no map embed code anywhere in the setup of this press release. The only place you see the map is on step one, and we’re bringing it in for you just for viewing purposes. And so you can grab the Google Maps, see ID link or hyperlink. But when it comes to execution on the live site, this map is showing up here through a live map API call. This is a very powerful distinct GMB signal that’s different from just pure embed code, right? So work we’re querying the map and bring that map right into the live media sites it so it’s a much different type of signal. And, again, we want to you know, really hit those signals as many as Many categories as as possible. So that’s what the reason why we executed in that way.

Step two, and then step three, you can drop in a few more images, you pick your channel for distribution. And you can you have the signal boost. This is going to be here available soon here you’ll have the ability to check check that off and then uses where you check the sourcing. So we can either choose manually inserted or if we have the plugin installed on that client’s WordPress site, then we can choose you know that the WordPress plugin for the sourcing feature and then if we’re using the WordPress plugin, then the content is automated automatically publish to the WordPress site first by our software and the corresponding plugin. So when Josh and his team publish each month with the plugin they don’t even have to go to the WordPress site and manually create the

blog post, they just come into quantum put the article on here, optimize it in here, go ahead and fill it all out, hit Continue or publish. And then our SAS and plugin takeover, publish it to the WordPress site first so that it becomes the, the eternal source of that that content, we, we pause for 24 hours and then distribute out to the network of media sites. We don’t have to distribute out to a large number of sites right now it’s between 40 and 50, that that the media sites they’ll get picked up on. A lot of all the other PR sites brag about 300 500, whatever. That’s all duplicate content. So if it’s not executed correctly, it can hurt you more than it can that will help you because it is duplicate content. That’s why we have our strategic sourcing feature, because we want the content to be sourced and attributed to the clients website, nowhere else and we don’t want to just a bunch of duplicate content out there without proper attribution that can also have a negative consequence. Right. So

And with our platform and the signal generation that is taking place, we only need 40 to 50 really high quality media sites to accomplish what you saw in Josh’s case study. And then plenty of other people who are also using our platform to get the results they’re getting.

What else we got here the questions.

Master doing really nice job answering most of the questions, somebody on Casey’s asking whether this works internationally, or if it only works in United States? Great question. It works anywhere in the world. We have agencies using it from the UK, Australia, India, the Philippines, Ireland,


I only have one or two down in Central America somewhere. So yeah, I mean, the authority of the sites is pretty universal. They’re recognized brands anywhere in the world. And so

you can

Certainly pass

the signals and the page rank and do all the signal generation for companies or clients anywhere in the world. So Christians asking, Are there any best practices and training on how to use the platform? I know they’ve got a knowledge base. We’ve got a whole section in our industry as a member of seven figure agency Christian, that shows kind of how we use it and our team, you know, the link structure and stuff like that.

Yeah, that’s a great question. So up in the top right of your account, you have a little graduate hat icon, that’s our knowledge base. And we’ve got a good catch all is our video tutorials. And so we’ll put in webinar replays. I have some shorter videos on optimizing your articles how to use that image source, how to use the sourcing feature, how to use the image sourcing feature to create more GMB signals. So you have the knowledge base is where you can accomplish that. We do have an integrated ticket test, you don’t have to go out and get a separate Zendesk account or Freshdesk account. We have direct integrated support

You ever need to add a ticket, you just go to the ticket center or support center and add your ticket in. And then over here in your company account, or agency account. This is where you can add your company’s. The web records feature is where you can toggle this off if you didn’t want to use it. And then down here is where you download our WordPress plugin. We have a legacy version, which is allows for a little older version of WordPress and PHP. The new version of the plugin requires PHP 7.2 or higher and a new version of WordPress. But so determining how your configuration is set up the WordPress plugin download here. And then you create your API tokens for the WordPress plugin in the API tab, if you want to activate your agency version of the plugin, and activate the agency features, and you come up here and just activate the personal token, and then install the same plugin on your agency site or news aggregator site activated with this API token, and that turns the

site that your agency site into a true news news aggregator. So

as an example, here’s an agency site with, you know, multiple types of clients there and the press release is being aggregated here. Right. So

you can use that using the agency version of the plugin.

Um, Nick’s asking how much how much it costs? I guess it’s probably a good, good question. Sure. Let’s get into pricing real quick.

Alright, so I’m, like one,

we have two components to pricing. So we are a SaaS software. And we’re doing a lot as you can see a lot more than just the average Content Marketing Service, you just put content had published or PR service. So we have platform access, which has a cost to it. And then we have platform credits. So as far as your agency platform access options,

You have to you either can join on a monthly subscription, like a normal SAS software. Right now we still have lifetime access charter memberships available. So you’ll, you’ll get both options today. And we did do some specials and explain that in a second. When it comes to credits, you’re going to use credits in your account for the distribution of a content. So when you want to distribute content, if you have the article yourself, you just bring it into quantum Newswire, like I showed you create a new release and and then hit when you distribute, it’s going to cost you 10 credits or $10 right to distribute it out and that goes out to all 40 to 50 sites I say 40 to 50 it’s little over 50 but not every site every single time picks up the the really so you’ll get you know over 40 under 50 typically is when it comes out too. But that cost you $10 or 10 credits for all of those. If you want us to write it for you, meaning you want to completely outsource done for you type of service lane have quiet

Newswire write it and distribute it for us, the writing has an additional 50 credits. So combined, it will be 60 if you want us to write it and distribute it for you if you want to bring your own content, and it’s only $10 or 10 credits, so as far as

as far as actual access goes, let me

go right to the site here. It’s at seven FA Quantum And so, Josh, very graciously, I we offered to you know, to you know, just compensate him for his time and he’s taken and he said, you know, what, I want to pass on the the commission to our agency partners and members, so you’ve got a big discount here.

Both built in and also another, an extra bonus for those who are action takers, and an order by tomorrow night at midnight, so

I’ll go through first Virgo through the bonus, I’ll go to the Platinum options, your two Platinum

options are lifetime access, right? So you never have a monthly subscription. And you can either do a one time pay of 2009 97, it’s normally 3497. We’ve had members recently just pay that but because of Josh’s discount, you’re going to get $500 off that if you want a payment plan on the lifetime access, we, we normally have an eight pay, we dropped one of those payments, now it’s only seven payments, so you still get the 500 off. So it’d be seven payments of 500. And then you’ll never have the monthly subscription. What comes with that is 500 credits added into your into your agency account immediately. And if you sign up by tomorrow night at midnight, we’ll add in a bonus $500 in additional credits into your accounts you’ll have a total of 1000

and then with the Platinum lifetime access, you also get up to 100 client companies it’s normally 50 on our monthly

But for those who go into lifetime to get up to 100 client companies 100 client companies means you can add 100 clients into your agency account and do article distributions for them. And if you need more, it’s a one time fee of $5 per client that you need to add in. That’s a lifetime one time payment of $5 per extra client. So if you wanted to add in, you know, 100 extra clients because you have 200 clients be a one time payment of $500. And then you’d have that that capacity. reason that is, is because this is taking computing power. With the WordPress plugin, the hosting of all these images, the signal reporting dashboard, we have real computing power Swan on lifetime access, we had to just you know work that in. On the monthly access, you have two options. You either have a 250 per month with 125 credits, or you have a 125 per month with 65 credits. These are new plans and we did this after talking to them that many of our members we want people wanted to be able to do it.

least like a two done for you articles each month. So at 250 per month with 125 credits, if you recall, for us to write it and distribute for you 60 credits, that’s enough for us to do to completely done for you articles with distribution with the credits that are included.

On this one, it’s enough for one, so it just basically half. However, if you sign up by tomorrow night on the Platinum monthly, the Platinum pro monthly will add 25 bonus credits per month into your your monthly account. So you’ll get 150 per month instead of 125.

So for action takers you want to get get going on it right away today or tomorrow, you’ll get the bonus credits going into your account either one time or monthly, depending on which plan you sign up for. And that’s pretty much the pricing. I’ll answer questions if anybody’s got questions on that.

Yeah, well all the questions come in. I’ll just say you know if you do this professionally

For your clients, right, and you want your clients to get the best results possible. I mean, it’s kind of a no brainer tool, right? If they’re paying you a monthly fee to do your SEO, and this can be one of the key things you do to, you know, to really move the needle for them. It’s kind of a no brainer.


let’s see here, Dave. Yeah, we’ll get to your question on signal boost here. Let me just see if we got anything else here while I’m in on pricing a manner questions on pricing. Oh, do the credits roll over? Yes. Good question, john. credits roll over. So credits never expire in your account. So if you don’t use them one month, they just roll over. And if you go into the lifetime access to one pay, or the seven pay those credits get added into your account. And then once you use those credits, you just simply buy more $1 for credit.

And you just add as many credits as you need on a monthly or however basis you need them. So

On the monthly, same thing goes, if you need more than 125 credits, because you’re doing more distributions, you have more clients than what that’ll actually do for you then just buy more credits, it’s solid. So what we are getting is the access fee to help us pay for the support the innovation, the bandwidth, the computing power, all that. And then the credits is really a pass through the you can see at $10 for the distribution, we are truly passing through our cost on that to all our agency partners, you could not go to our distribution network source, and actually get a cheaper price directly. And so we’re removing even that we’re just saying, look, we’ve already done all the work with the software, and the technology and the strategy and we’ll keep innovating on it. And we’re going to pass through our actual cost of distributions to this network, right through to our agency partners.

was that there was a question here about

out how you would price this or position it for a client. I know for us, we just roll it in as core to what we do. And we’re all looking for something we can say in the sales process. And from a retention perspective, that’s different than anybody else. So for us, it’s like, Look, we’ve got this proprietary process where we push out, not blog posts, but blog posts to get picked up and actually move the needle for your rankings. And so it’s like a special sauce we can now offer to our clients. I know lane, you mentioned having a platform fee of your clients. He talked about that a little bit. So say it again to talk about what Josh platform fee like how you charge some fee, that way they get a perceived value for just that plugin. Yeah, I’m great point. So we haven’t right here, a suggestion to monetize the plugin. You know, anytime we’ve done SEO, we have our proprietary set of plugins, premium plugins, and so this is part of your agency toolset. It’s part of what comes along when you’re acting

customer and when you install it on a client site and so we suggest charging for it I mean, you want to pay for your monthly access just charge 10 to $25 a month to have the WordPress plugin and all the functionality and extra things it does for the website, the WordPress site, just charge for it, that alone will more than pay for your access, you can make making a profit center. But the other piece of that which I know is probably the next question is well what happens if a client cancels right? And that question comes up frequently Well, you delete the plugin and all the content and all the images and everything else associated that is removed from the site, right so all the the links and the permanent web records all that footprint. That’s kind of all removed. So you’ve got some real sticky factor if you will, with us an agency when you bring this to this is part of what you bring in if the if the client releases you and decides to not have you be their SEO or their agent

anymore. Your proprietary tools go with you, not with them. And so you either delete the plugin and just take it with you. Or if you don’t, if they kind of lock you out before you even have the chance to do it, all you do is go in the back end of your quantum account and delete the API key and it’s game over. I always think it’s good to have some type of stickiness, we want to act on the best interest of our clients, right? create good content, create a good website, do all the work to get them ranked, but oftentimes, they’ll be like I’m on page one. Now. I’m not sure what it is I need to continue to pay for. And it’s good to be able to confidently say well, you’re paying to maintain all the content we syndicated you’re paying to maintain all those online listings. You’re paying to maintain that hyper fast load speed that’s on these websites. And you know, when you stop paying, we you know, we will hate to see you go but we’re going to make it as smooth a transition as possible.

But when you stop paying these these tools will be disabled and your rankings will move back a little bit right and that shouldn’t be the case because

They’re paying you for something you’re, you know, you’re doing some kind of pain of disconnect when they cancel. Yep. And Cody’s got a great question to regarding, you know, the the content and the lifecycle of the content. And then what happens, you know, with with it after the content expires, it’s a great point. We didn’t talk about it. So, as is typical on if you’ve used any other, you know, professionally services scission or PR Newswire press, cable press advantage and like, they, the content gets flushed on day 31. There are a few places where they stay live for 60 days. I haven’t seen anybody longer than that on quantum Newswire. Number one, the content stays live for 120 days or up to 120 days. We’re seeing it kind of between 90 and 120. But the question that Cody asked was, does it hurt to lose the links after they expire? So, Cody, a couple of things that we did, we were aware of this so that’s good.

One of the weaknesses of press releases is that this content does get flushed at a certain point in time in the future.

So number one we wanted to accommodate for it by keeping it live longer. So we accommodate for that with 90 120 day live. The second way we, we strategically deal with this is with our permanent web archives feature. So what happens is, is

these links here, for example, on day 121, or as soon as our crawlers find that these new sites have started to flush the content out, our software and our plugin communicate, and these links update and will then point out to the permanent web archive version of the story. Okay, so these links will automatically update and redirect out to the Wayback Machine version of the story once the content has been flushed. So that’s number one. Then, directly to your question. We have not seen any

Any any retraction of the rankings?

And, and I Well, I can’t tell you definitively why the educated guess on that is because they’re out there for longer than just like a quick 30 day cycle a quick 30 day hit and done. They’re out there for 1690 120 days that Google bats Google boss not coming back and recalling that and then saying, Oh, well, now it’s a 404 error. But in in, in practice, and in you know, real case studies, we’ve not seen a retraction or a falling in the rankings, once the clients content does get flushed off these live media sites. But then we also deal with it with the permanent web archive version of it. And that loop is not broken when you’re using our WordPress plugin.

And then

see, Matt, anything else you want to add on that component?

No, not specifically on that.

Couple things, I’ll just add any, when we were looking at the signal dashboard, just to kind of give you guys a heads up of some things that are going to be coming that are going to be amazing because ultimately,

you know, reporting is one of the most important things you can do to maintain clients. When you do the hard work, whether it’s, you know, just the manual labor or all of your efforts, in terms of gaining the knowledge and the tools and all the intellectual property it takes for you guys to become, you know, the expert consultant to your clients. Reporting is just absolutely essential to our client retention, which is why we’re, you know, putting so much emphasis on this dashboard, we’re going to be adding in

a place in the press releases for you to really communicate the targeted keywords of which we’re going to begin to communicate and you know, Josh is already doing this,

you know, internally, but we’re going to, we’re going to systematize this for you guys. so that you guys can track the ranking of the targeted keyword

So we’re going to be providing an SEM rush integration, right here into the dashboard. That’ll be coming later on this year. So you guys can, you know, in real time communicate. Now presently, this is a dashboard. So someone asked about having a pearl or a private URL we aren’t we will be providing a private URL link that basically as a, you know, a non branded link that you guys can provide clients or embed into a WordPress site. And then you’ll also be able to PDF these reports. And then in the near future, you’ll be able to manage sending out, you know, links to reports.

And that will include sem rush ratings, and one other thing, well, lanes here. If you look at the image signals, we’re going to provide you guys the ability to manage these individual signals. So for instance, the image I don’t know what everyone’s familiarity is with image optimization. It used to be done a lot in the past, but the return on investment in terms

have time used to not have, you know, good enough return. So that’s we see that changing,

especially with automation. And you know, the enemy of SEO is automation. When Google sees automation, it tends to not happen get give the value in terms of search. So our goal is to everything that we do automate, is to do it in such a way that it appears to be manual and organic and natural, either the businesses doing it, or their staff is doing it or they’re having an SEO firm do it. But the more that something looks organic, the better. And when it comes to image optimization, we’re creating some processes that will allow you to optimize the images to embed additional links within the images, and additional SEO keywords and so forth. So that as we manage these SEO signals, it’ll continue to improve over time and that’s the key when I say manage, we keep these these assets.

CEO signals active.

There’s probably not time to go any more detail, we can do that in a future discussion or chat that we’re going to have.

But just like servers, the connection between servers needs to be maintained active.

That’s a very proprietary process that we do, which is keeping the signals active. So turn back over to you land.

Josh, anything you want to add it, I’ll get questions here. Yeah, I want to answer the questions. And I want to make sure I wrap up with clarity for everybody like what the next steps are, how they can implement this, whether they’re with or without quantum Newswire. So let’s answer that and then we’ll we’ll wrap up with a nice tight bow.

So for those of you who want, I also put together a bunch of other SEO signal hacks into a kind of a Google Doc. So if you want that you can go to SEO signals dot tips, forward slash GMB dash hacks, just authorized the Facebook for opt in and then you’ll get that

The sheet there and I’ve got a bunch of other

just other tax in there just other ways you can create signals that have nothing to do with quantum Newswire. So you know that there’s that there. Again the page if you want to go to it to look at your options if you’re interested in quantum Newswire, seven FA Quantum

I know roussillon had a question Where is it a

lifetime eliminates the monthly subscription but then we just pay for credit as the That’s correct. Ruslan.

What else we have here? What a work for a new agency in the UK? Yes, it will. Absolutely. Except before we have agencies in multiple countries, continents using it and getting great results for their clients, the authority is there on the sites there there are global recognized brands. So yeah, it works. Just

Fine for SEO outside the US. JOHN is asking are the articles are writers, US based writers? Yes, they are. JOHN, our team is in South Carolina. And we have all college graduates that are writers. So you know, if you want out about 70% of our of our agencies bring in their own content, about 30% of them, have us write it. We’re happy either way, we’re happy that we have really good quality content writing. And obviously our writers know our system. But if you have your own content of the platform works fantastically either way. And whether you have a WordPress site or you have a non WordPress site, you’ll still get the same SEO benefit with the sourcing feature. You just got to use one or the other depending on whether it’s a WordPress site or not.

When a couple people have asked about the slides asking if they can get access to the slides. Is there a way you Josh and I’ll let you kind of handle it and give it out to the group Is that good? What I’ll do guys is I’ll send an email afterwards with

The replay video on the slides the link to the case study. And, of course the link if you if you guys decide you want to sign up the link to register. Does that sound fair?

So Matt, can you just add to it? I’ve had a couple of questions and will I think maybe end with this, Josh, is that we got a couple of questions asked about the authority signal boost.

And really appreciate while Matt’s kind of getting his mic back on here, to explain that a little bit. David, thank you. He said the def why writing is top notch five star quality. writers are amazing. And I highly recommend. Thank you. I appreciate that. David uses us a lot. So it’s coming from a heavier user. And we really focus on quality content that goes back to eat the profile. Let’s produce quality content for our clients and position them as experts. Matt, are you able to just do a quick wrap up on what’s coming with the authority signal boost some of the people saw that in our live demo today.

Not? If he’s not available, then I guess we’ll just wrap it up with that, then you might have popped off. Let me share my screen because I before you guys go, I want to hear from you in comments. What are the takeaways? Right? The last thing I want you to know, this was a very technical discussion around SEO and signals. But like, what can you take away from this session and implementing your agency and lean if you could share that way I can share my screen. Sorry. Yeah, this was awesome. I really appreciate you sharing. I bring this to you guys, because it’s had an impact on our agency, right? We got to get our clients better results, we need to get them better rankings. And that ultimately leads to a better business, right? If we if we serve our clients better, we retain them better. You know, we’re going to sell more clients, we’re going to retain more clients. And that’s the whole reason I want to share this with you guys. And that’s why I don’t like to do a lot of affiliate type promos. And this is literally not an affiliate promo because I’m not taking a dime of affiliate. Whether you take this or not

I want you to have the information and know that these tools exist.

I’m also want to just give a shout out to Matt and our entire dev team. They’ve done a really, really amazing job with our platform.

You know, I don’t know that we had even one day of downtime the entire first year on our platform. And that’s almost unheard of, especially with new software. So just between the innovation and just the solid job that they do day to day to have have a really good working software and platform in the WordPress plugin. Really want to just thank them and give a hat tip to all of them for the job that they do as well. Yeah, nice work, guys. So if you if you leave this session with one thing, like To me, the big idea is to replace your blogging because to me a blog post is no longer sufficient. Right, just doing a blog or two blogs a month for your client and checking that activity box is

It’s kind of productive, like it’s kind of a waste of time. Replace your blog with a fully syndicated post. That way you can multiply the effectiveness with almost the same effort, right? We would go through all of these gyrations to come up with topics for every one of our clients to write a unique blog posts for every single one of our clients. And then we would post it on their site, and it would just basically sit there without any additional benefit. And so when I got this idea that that lane explained as like, well, we can take that same energy, just put it through quantum Newswire, and have it get picked up by all these news sources with links back to our websites firing all these signals, and it really has no incremental increase in effort, but an exponential increase in outcome for our clients. So like if you don’t take anything else away, I hope you get that like take what you’re doing from a blog. I think we’re all doing blogging at some level and and and syndicated out.

You know, the ongoing SEO strategy

we unpacked this in depth in the members area. to us. This is core to the process now, right you do the on page stuff, you do the citation management and the reputation management stuff. And then you push out one to two news releases per month on quantum Newswire, and you will see a lift in the rankings. And you’ll see a lift in the conversations you can have with your clients, because you’re able to show them all the activity that that’s coming out from it. So, key action items, and we’ll wrap up and know this went an hour and a half, which is probably longer than most of us anticipated. But key action items, sign up for a tool like quantum Newswire, ideally, quantum Newswire. It’s a great tool. It’s what we use, it’s producing great results. It has some unique properties that the other news release services don’t, but you something that way you’re creating content that can build authority for your clients. Make sure that you set everything up correctly, get the plugins enabled, and then commit to push out at least one new syndicate

Post your your clients per month and you will have leverage this time effectively, you will have taken something that’s going to move yourself, your business and the results you provide for your clients forward. So so that’s the that’s the the wrap. I appreciate you guys undivided attention. Lane, I thank you for sharing this and for all the cool insights that you shared. If you have questions, let us know reach out to me in the Facebook group, lane is in the Facebook group as well. So bounce ideas off of him as well. If you’re coming to the roadmap live on lane will be there

next week. So you can also ask questions there as well. Josh, thanks a bunch for hosting this. We appreciate it. We really appreciate you as a customer. And really appreciate everyone’s time today. I know it’s our time is valuable. And I know your time is valuable. So thank you for coming and giving attention. Hopefully you found a lot of value out of what you learned today. Whether you use quantum or not. And if there’s anything I can do to help any of you guys questions you have just ping me

In the group, I’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you out. So one last question. Um, Karen Great to see you on here. By the way, she’s asking there’s no additional charge to white label this right. No, no, it’s no you’re it’s out of the box. It was built for agencies. So it’s already private label. The Quantum newswire is invisible for every agency that standard is no charge for that. GLORIA says she’s on board lifetime glad to have you on board. I’m sure you’re going to get great benefit from the from the tool.

Excellent. Alright guys, that’s a wrap. Thank you guys. I hope you got great value Be sure to in the group, you know, ping you know, thank lane for sharing this they can for the cool insights. And we’ll talk to you guys again soon.

Thanks for the SEO signals link. Can you pop that in there one more time as we got you bad right now You bet.

Excellent. Seo signals dot tips. forward slash GMB slash hacks.

Sudden signals dot tips forward slash GMB dash hacks. There you go. There it is. I will put that in the group to Josh. Okay, cool. Yeah, that’d be awesome. Yep, you bet. Thanks, everyone. All right guys.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:58] Why aren’t we ranking for our keywords?
  • [9:00] Case Studies showing the results of the changes we’ve made
  • [13:55] Blogging for clients has always been part of the model we offer
  • [17:35] Make a Quantum Leap with your SEO campaigns
  • [21:06] Quantum Newswire helps build the EAT profile of a client
  • [30:40] Special local SEO ranking factors
  • [39:30] How is it different from other link building services?
  • [45:26] A live look at an agency account dashboard
  • [55:47] How to create a new press release/article
  • [1:01:20] What platform training do they offer?
  • [1:04:25] Quantum Newswire’s pricing model—and special offer
  • [1:11:12] Do you offer it as an add-on for your clients?
  • [11:15:07] What happens with the content after it’s distributed
  • [1:26:43] The BIG IDEA to take away from the session

Why aren’t we ranking for our keywords?

We’ve all been there—we implement the perfect SEO strategy. We build stellar websites with the best onsite optimization. But for whatever reason, one site will skyrocket to #1 in the rankings while others don’t show up on the first page. While we can’t always pinpoint why this is happening, it can be disheartening when you’re doing everything right.

Not only that, but clients look at the lack of results and question what we’re doing. We’re supposed to be delivering results—but they aren’t seeing any. So what do we do? We need to prevent turnover and be able to show client’s something tangible. We need to show them we are actively working on their behalf. That’s where Quantum Newswire comes into play.

Make a Quantum leap in your SEO campaigns

We produce blog content as part of our service offering for our clients. But often, that blog content sits on their website and provides no real value. We put a lot of effort into choosing a topic, writing the content, and creating graphics. It needs to do more than simply exist on a website.

Quantum Newswire takes your blog post—through the use of a WordPress plugin—and syndicates it out to local and national news sites. Similar to a press release, news sites pick up the article and share it as part of their content, with internal linking and signals pointing back to the original source. Quantum Newswire uses their technology to build in advanced signaling.

Help Build the E-A-T profile of a client

Google’s algorithm factors in EAT—the Expertise, Authority, and Trust of the website. Google looks for quality, structured, and media-rich content. Quantum Newswire helps leverage EAT by establishing your authority. If notable newsworthy websites are sharing your article it sends signals to Google that your site is the authority. SEO is all about signal generation. The more you can generate around your client, the better outcomes you’ll achieve.

Special local SEO ranking factors

There are a few other factors that come into play when you’re trying to rank in the local market:

  1. Proximity: Google will deliver the result that is closest to the coordinates of the person searching. Lane points out one way to remedy this is to use zip codes and geocoordinates in your content.
  2. Relevance: The algorithm looks at how relevant the search term is to your business. This is where your onsite optimization comes in (think H1, H2, H3 and niche citations).
  3. Prominence: This is where Quantum Newswire hits it out of the park. They help you become an authority in your niche.

Another factor Lane points out you need to consider is authorship. It’s unwise to use the agency site name as the author for the articles. Instead, choose someone to be the face of the company (if it isn’t the owner) and create an authorship profile for them.

Google likes to be able to identify and match individuals with the entities they’re associated with. You can easily build a Gravatar at that you can associate with the WordPress user on your website. Lane also recommends linking social media to your author profile.

What sets Quantum Newswire apart?

What is its unique value proposition? Why should you choose their services over anyone else? Here are a few things that set them apart?

  • They only serve agencies (aren’t a B2B competitor)
  • They are 100% private label and stay invisible in the distribution process
  • They use a proprietary WordPress plugin that automates on-page schema
  • A live Google map display on blog posts
  • Do-follow and no-follow links integrated properly
  • Quantum Newswire offers permanent web archives on The Wayback Machine
  • A backend with an advanced text editor
  • Post-publishing editing and republish changes to live media sites

Listen to the whole session for a live look at an agency account, the dashboard metrics that you can share with clients, and how to create an article for release. Lane also hosts a Q&A session where he addresses the pricing model for the platform, what—if anything—to charge the client, how long the content is live on other sites, and coming integrations to the platform.

BIG IDEA TAKEAWAY: By using Quantum Newswire, there is no incremental increase in effort, but an exponential increase in outcome for our clients. 

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