In this session, Shaun Clark of with HighLevel drops some of the amazing updates they’re implementing for social media management. He shares how you can take your social media game up a notch using their platform! He also shares how you can create social media at scale and turn HighLevel into a revenue stream for your agency.

If you’re serious about upping your social media game you should consider using HighLevel. You can get a FREE 14-day trial using this link –

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:22] How HighLevel helps solve social media management problems
  • [2:25] A demo of the HighLevel software
  • [6:20] How to create social media at scale
  • [8:58] Can HighLevel replace other platforms?
  • [17:41] Upcoming plans for HighLevel software
  • [25:17] Native blogging for your clients
  • [31:31] Do social media platforms penalize third-party posts?
  • [33:37] How many social posts per client per week?
  • [36:46] Learn all about Google Reserve
  • [41:58] Why you should implement the simple SaaS play
  • [53:28] How to white label and market HighLevel to clients

How HighLevel solves your social media marketing problems

Everyone managing social media accounts likely struggles with the following challenges:

  • Managing social media accounts on multiple platforms with multiple logins
  • Drafting content, getting it approved, and posting it on a schedule
  • Collaborating and getting posts approved by collaborators
  • The difficulty of measuring success and ROI
  • Deciding what time zones are optimal for posting

HighLevel offers a single login for all social media accounts. The platform allows you to draft content, get it approved, and post it ahead of time. They’ve crafted analytics and ROI insights for posts. They have even implemented AI-based posting suggestions.

HighLevel includes social media management in all of its plans. You aren’t paying per location, the number of posts, or the number of clients connected.

HighLevel is integrated with GMB, Facebook business pages and groups, and Instagram. They are rolling out an integration with LinkedIn and Twitter next month (Pinterest is even on their radar). They’re also working on the ability to reply to any comments within their platform. The goal is to help agencies post at scale, then layer in additional platforms.

The platform itself replicates the tools you’ve seen before and are familiar with, like a click & drag calendar tool, scheduling, post previews, etc. Watch the episode to see a demo in the marketing section of HighLevel AND see how this tool is positively impacted small businesses!

How to create social media at scale

How do you scale this concept? How do you sell this software? Many people that do a phenomenal job for their clients get fired. Why? They don’t always realize what you’re doing for them. That’s why you need to be able to show them results. What do you do? Create services at scale. You can take this software and create a revenue stream around it.

You can create premade posts for every single person in your vertical, customized to fit each customer. You can schedule them out as far as you’d like. HighLevel offers the ability to do this at scale. They’re also creating a library of free posts targeting 50 verticals with over 150 posts each. Suddenly, you can create a sustainable and scalable social media posting service at an economical rate for you—and your client—while still creating tremendous value. It’s yet another way HighLevel helps you streamline your business.

Do social media platforms penalize third-party posts?

HighLevel conducted some research—because they didn’t want to get anyone penalized—and were told that their posting platform is legitimate and there are no penalties on Google. Third-party posting shouldn’t negatively impact rankings. The benefits of the automation would outweigh any penalty if it did exist.

Listen to the whole episode to learn about Google Reserve, how to implement the simple SaaS play, and why you need to white-label and market HighLevel to clients!

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