Law #1 to Agency Success…You can’t be a small fish in a BIG POND.

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I’ll illustrate by telling you another true story…

I’m a pretty capable web designer and solid when it comes to getting a client setup online.

Back in his early days…I was talking with a potential client. The prospect was an optometrist who needed a new website.

I was more than qualified.

I showed the doctor samples. I knew what the doctor needed. And he thought the appointment was going well.

That is… until the prospect threw me a curve ball.

The doctor asked for a sample of a website I’d done for another
optometrist. To, that shouldn’t have mattered.

A website… is a website… is a website!


Wrong! As far as the doctor was concerned… since I had never built a site for an optometrist before… then… I wasn’t the best designer for the job.

Fair or unfair, I left without a client.

I was really upset at first.

Then I started to think about the situation.

What became obvious to me was this: Local companies want Internet marketing services customized for their business. It’s simply better to be a big fish in a small pond… than… a small fish in a big ocean.

Not only is it easier to attract the best clients… but… it’s far easier to sell a solution that (if nothing else) “seems” tailor-made for them.

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