Stephen – one of the members in our Seven Figure Agency Coaching Program asked “How can I pick good topics for my monthly webinars”.

On this video I unpack the topics that have worked best for us…

Hey guys, it’s Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency and I’ve been talking a lot about webinars and how we use topical webinars on a monthly basis to drive our entire content engine and to tee up our appointments for the month for our sales team. And one of the one of the members of the Seven Figure Agency posted in, in our, in our Facebook group, they did a webinar on running Facebook ads in their niche and just didn’t get much response didn’t get much action and they wanted to know, like, what would be a better topic? How can they come up with topics that would be more accessible for their for their for their niche? And, and so I thought I’d be cool just to kind of come on this video and kind of walk through that.

What I found is the best thing you can do is answer the simplest questions. Ryan Deiss talked about this at the T&C answer the dumb questions. And for us the webinars that work best are things on very basic topics, ‘How to set up your website for maximum conversion’ and you can get very specific. Here’s examples of plumbing and HVAC websites. This is how they’re set up. This is how they convert and this is why it works. ‘How to optimize your website for the most important plumbing and HVAC related keywords.” “How to leverage paid search to maximize your lead flow.” So get into some of the things that us as digital marketers consider to be kind of basic and kind of obvious, and really go deep on that topic within our particular niche.

The other thing that I found it to work well is, is things that are topical and new. So in our industry, Google Local Service ads recently made a big, like a big blast onto the scene. And so we did one on that that was one of the most popular webinars we’ve done. So if you’d like more ideas on on good webinar topics and some of the webinars that we’ve run that had been effective, just put in the comments “Webinar Topics”, and I’ll be glad to share that with you.

The other thing is I’ve got a great group it’s called Local Agency Success. It’s it’s a group free for digital marketing agency owners we share lots of ideas and strategies like this on how to land clients, how to serve your clients better, and how really to grow and scale your digital marketing agency. So I’ll post the link in the in the comments here so you can get over to that. And we’d love to have you join us if that’s something you’re interested in learning more about. Post in comments “Webinar Topics”, and I’ll be glad to share some of our highest converting webinar topics with you. Thanks for joining me on this quick video. I look forward to seeing you in the in the Facebook group.

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