Unlocking Success with Google Local Service Ads

Let’s break it down a bit. What exactly are local service ads, and why should you be considering them for your clients? Well, they’re the top three results you see on Google, often referred to as Google Guaranteed. You might have thought, “Let my clients handle it themselves, it’s a straightforward platform.” However, that mindset could mean missed opportunities for both client retention and revenue growth.

Local service ads are a game-changer in various service-related markets, such as home services, legal, and healthcare. Google gives these ads a special status, and customers tend to trust them more, knowing that Google stands behind them. The listings include phone numbers, descriptions, and reviews for potential customers. In a world where 87% of consumers turn to Google when searching for service providers, local service ads are an invaluable tool for driving leads, sales, and revenue growth.

Now, if you’re thinking, “I do SEO, PPC, or Facebook ads, local service ads are a separate game,” it’s time to shift your perspective. Your goal as an agency owner isn’t just to provide a service; it’s to make your clients more money. Local service ads can be a powerful addition to your toolkit, helping your clients generate better results.

Let’s talk about how to make it work. When you search for services like “plumber, Philadelphia” on Google, you’ll see local service ads at the top. Google tracks calls made through these ads and charges on a per-lead basis, which can vary by service and location. Customers appreciate the Google Guaranteed aspect, knowing they have some protection if things go wrong.

Now, why should you care about all of this? Because local service ads dominate the search results when it comes to high-intent prospects. Your customers are actively seeking services on Google, and you want your clients to be the top choice. Sure, there are other platforms like Yelp and Angie’s List, but Google is king, with 87% of the market share.

So, don’t sleep on local service ads. Google is placing a significant emphasis on them, and you should too. Your objective is clear: help your clients set up and optimize local service ads to increase leads, calls, and business growth. Remember, your clients are not just looking for leads; they want revenue growth and sales, and local service ads can deliver.

Here’s the deal: local service ads are active across the United States and North America, and they’re likely expanding internationally. They’ve reshaped search results, with local service ads taking the top spot, followed by paid ads, maps, and organic listings. Your goal should be to win in all these categories, but especially in local service ads, which offer the highest intent prospects.

So, what’s the plan? You need to guide your clients through the process. They’ll need to complete the local service ads application, which may involve background checks, license verification, and more. Once approved, they’ll pay on a per-lead basis, usually at a lower cost than traditional PPC campaigns.

You have control over setting the maximum bid, budget, and lead cost, giving you flexibility to maximize results. Plus, you can dispute leads that don’t meet your criteria. This is where your agency can shine by optimizing the process and ensuring your clients get the most out of their investment.

In essence, local service ads are a no-brainer for agencies. They offer top placement, cost-effective leads, and the potential for high-quality results. You can even turn this into a profitable service offering for your agency.

In conclusion, local service ads are a game-changer, and as an agency owner, it’s time to add this valuable tool to your arsenal. Don’t let your clients miss out on the benefits of Google Local Service ads. If you found this information valuable, be sure to like and subscribe on YouTube. On this channel, we’re all about helping you land and retain clients, deliver stellar results, and scale your agency for success.

Outline of this video

  • Introduction (00:00) – Google Local Service Ads intro, benefits for clients.
  • What is Google Local Service Ads? (00:36) – Top three results, trust, service provider details.
  • Importance of Local Service Ads (02:23) – Google dominance, is vital for growth.
  • How to Win with Local Service Ads (05:30) – Application, optimization tips.
  • Active Areas and Impact on Search Results (00:36) – US presence, search result impact.
  • Pay per lead basis (07:18): Cost Structure
  • Per-lead payment, industry cost ranges.
  • Setting up and managing the budget (08:00) – Maximum bids, weekly budgets.
  • Lead disputes and lead quality (09:26) – Dispute process, quality assurance.
  • Benefits for agencies and clients (11:02) – Top visibility, pay for qualified leads.
  • Agency’s involvement and value (11:28) – Active management, lead quality assurance.

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