The one thing that seems commonplace when starting your business is what I refer to as Fancy Business Card Syndrome. So what is this common problem? As I describe this you might find that you relate to it. If you do, please don’t take offense to it or even be embarrassed by it, we’ve all been there including me.

Fancy Business Card Syndrome is a business wrecker, it’s that time when you come up with your great idea to start your business. You dream about it night and day, you draw it up on paper, you tell everyone about it. You are so excited about this new business idea and can’t wait to get started and the very first thing you do is go out and design and print your business cards. As funny as this may sound it’s so true and so many new business ideas start with a business card. You find yourself spending hours creating your logo, then designing your business card for it to print on. Before you know it you’re 3 months into your new venture or niche and you have nothing to show for it but an over-designed business card.

You might be thinking, well I need a business card to go meet customers. Sadly though many people don’t get past the business card task. They never get in front of customers to pitch their ideas and end up second-guessing their great idea and find themselves with nothing more than a box of fancy business cards.

Don’t be a victim of Fancy Business Card Syndrome. Take the time to create a solid business plan, target the right niche and start selling your services. Get that first, second or third customer, then and only then should you go get your business cards.

Have you had a hard time getting started on your business? What has been holding you back, let us know in the comments below.

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