When it comes to landing clients for your digital marketing agency you need to have a multi-channel approach.

One strategy that has worked well for us is getting involved in the industry / association events in our niche.

Its not easy…but it is effective if done correctly.

For us some of the keys have been:

1. Make sure to BE AT THE BOOTH (this seems obvious but I’ve seen cases where people think just having the setup is enough. It’s not, you have to be there an huslte the whole time. (I know that’s not your issue).
2. Focus on booking appointments right on the spot with folks that express interest (just an iPad and your calendar link). Often people will be interested and ask you to reach out…then never answer your call because they forgot about you or got bombarded by all the other members reaching out after the show. LOCK THEM IN AT THE EVENT.
3. YOU MUST hang out after the show hours. If there are mixers…GO. If there are charity events…participate. If all else fails, find the bar where everyone is hanging out and buy them drinks. For me this is the hardest part (since I don’t particularly like to network or feel comfortable in that environment) but I can tell you this is a BIG part of the equation.
4. Have a reason for people to come see you at the booth and promote it before / during the event. (Give away in iPad or another pize that will garner attention.
5. If you get a chance to speak (at the event or at a breakout) it often 10X’s the impact and result. Sometimes you have to exhibit for a few years and keep asking to get the opportunity.
6. Consistency is KEY. Going once to an industry event will have little impact. Going several years in a row you will start to get recognized, build up momentum and get the best results.
7. Promote the fact that you are at the event for social proof. Even if you don’t land clients…being at the event (sending emails about it, posting photos while there, writing a blog post about it) will give you social credibility in the niche and even those that don’t attend will have a different impression of you and your expert status in the space.

I hope this helps…