If there’s one thing that could prevent leads from turning cold…

That would be automation. 

Imagine immediately getting a text when a service provider misses your call. 

Or a phone call whenever you accomplish a web form to inquire about certain services. 

Wouldn’t that put you at ease that your concern isn’t falling on deaf ears?

And wouldn’t it stop you from immediately seeking help elsewhere?

This is why we’ve been prioritizing the rollout of the GoHighLevel automation tool for our clients. 

And I highly suggest you do it for your clients, too. 

Now, let me tell you about the star of this automation tool: 

Smart forms. 

Picture this: 

Let’s say a lead submits a form on your client’s website. 

With smart forms, automation steps right in on the back end. 

It ensures that the moment a form lands in, bam!

A call is immediately made to the lead. 

But that’s not all.

Your clients can take this automation wizardry a step further. 

Within minutes of a lead submitting a form… 

GoHighLevel can fire off a friendly text message to the prospect, saying: 

“Hey, there! Noticed you dropped by our site. How can we assist you?”

Just like that, an instant connection is made. 

These automated touchpoints continue flowing until your client gets a definitive answer from the lead. 

It can be, “Yes, I’ll hire your services.”

Or, “No, I’ve already solved this issue.”

In any case, automating your clients’ lead nurturing efforts through smart forms and GoHighLevel…

It’s like having an invisible marketing assistant that never sleeps…

And ensures that no convertible leads are falling through the cracks. 

I’ve been raving about it.

Now, it’s your turn to try it. 

If you need any guidance on how to get started on setting up your GoHighLevel automation…

You can just hit reply and we’ll talk about it.

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