As a digital marketing agency owner, staying up to date with the latest news in the marketing world is an important part of offering the best services. Numerous news sites and marketing blogs across the web feature the latest trends, innovations, and happenings in the digital marketing industry. Adding these sites to your daily rotation can help you stay on top of these news-worth happenings. 

Here are the eight best digital marketing news sites to follow for growing your digital marketing agency:

Ad Age 

Ad Age is a diverse news outlet with an extensive history. This global media brand has been around since 1930 and covers all things marketing and advertising. Here, you’ll find the latest news in the advertising world, including analyses of the most successful commercials. You’ll also find marketing strategies and tips to shape your services. by Adobe

Reading marketing commentary is great, but you also need to stay informed about unbiased, objective research in your industry. is a research-focused publication centered on marketing and advertising. It uses an uncluttered layout and advanced filtering tools, enabling you to see trends that pertain most to your niche or marketing content. 


Digiday is an online trade magazine covering topics like digital marketing, digital content, and digital advertising. It provides a global view of these industries, focusing on the impact of technology in the marketing circle. 

You can access Digiday articles for free or subscribe for exclusive content and insights. This website is an essential tool for marketers looking to stay in the know about industry trends and shape their marketing practices accordingly. 


DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for professionals in the online marketing world. Founded by Ryan Deiss, a leader in the digital marketing space, this site features the latest news and happenings marketers need to know about. 

You can subscribe to the DigitalMarketer newsletter to receive updates and news stories directly in your inbox. You can also use this platform as a tool to grow your marketing skills. DigitalMarketer is filled with workshops, classes, and tools to enhance your skills and produce better outcomes for your clients. 

HubSpot Blog

Whether your marketing agency uses HubSpot daily to build client sites or has never touched this platform, following the HubSpot blog can be highly beneficial. This blog site is filled with valuable articles discussing topics ranging from customer retention to email marketing and SEO to remote work. Covering trends, plans, and initiatives, this site can play a valuable role in your general marketing strategy. 


MarTech, previously known as Marketing Land — the sister site to Search Engine Land — has a mission of educating marketers about all aspects of the digital marketing world. The platform highlights marketing technology and strategy through news articles, newsletters, webinars, intelligence reports, and more. 

Recent articles cover topics such as:

  • How to ask for customer reviews
  • Why marketers are replacing foundational marketing technology
  • What is e-commerce, and which trends are shaping its future? 

Following MarTech can keep you up to date on trending marketing strategies to implement within your agency. 

Search Engine Land 

Search Engine Land is the sister site to MarTech that focuses on search engine marketing tactics and news. You probably know that SEO is invaluable to your clients’ success, and Search Engine Land has the resources and updates to keep you on top of the SEO game. 

You may find overlapping articles between Search Engine Land and MarTech, but these sites mainly cover diverse topics. Adding both to your daily lineup can provide a comprehensive view of trending marketing news. 

Social Media Today 

Staying up to date with social media trends is an integral part of being an informed marketer. One way is to immerse yourself in popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Another is to follow social media publications — like Social Media Today. 

Social Media Today is one of the best digital marketing news sites for social-media-oriented topics like content marketing, digital strategy, and social marketing. It’s also a reliable source for social media news and updates, including information about the latest features added to popular social media platforms. Staying in the know about these updates can help you capitalize on them quickly for your marketing clients.  

Final Thoughts 

Your digital marketing agency can greatly benefit from staying on top of industry trends and strategies. As you bookmark these eight best digital marketing news sites, be sure to add the Seven Figure Agency Podcast to your list as well. We also recommend reading the Seven Figure Agency Roadmap book for more insights into the best digital marketing strategies. 

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