Marketing is challenging. Creating genuine connections with customers at a time when attention spans have never been shorter isn’t easy—on top of increasing audience fragmentation and market saturation.

If you have marketing questions or challenges, you’re not alone, but where can you get answers? 

Marketing Facebook groups. 

Social media makes it easier than ever for like-minded individuals to come together around a single cause. Joining a Facebook group is like becoming a member of an exclusive club. You can ask pressing questions and get enlightening responses from trusted professionals. These forums take the pressure off you when you don’t have all the answers.  

An online community offers a support system only possible in the digital world. Around-the-clock access means you can share tips and tricks, ask questions, or share news at your convenience. They also provide invaluable networking opportunities to improve your social resources.  

No Facebook group is perfect, though. Some groups are inactive or spammy. Others have heavy-handed moderators. There is always a chance you won’t find the content and discussions useful for growing your business. 

There are more than 200 million groups on Facebook. Sifting through all of them alone would take eons. Fortunately, we did the sifting for you—here are the top Facebook groups for digital marketing agencies.

The Best Facebook Groups for Digital Marketing

Our goal is to connect you with the right digital marketing Facebook groups for your needs. We understand every reader is different, so we considered a wide range of factors when assembling our list. The groups that we selected share a few characteristics: 

  • Three years or older
  • Credible owners
  • Clear visions and missions
  • At least 100 users
  • Active user participation
  • No spam
  • No self-promotion

We set these criteria to ensure we chose proven digital marketing Facebook groups. These groups took time to establish a brand, expectations, and rules for their community. If you want to learn more about a group, the best starting place is the About section. 

A Facebook group’s About section is the equivalent of a mission statement. It states what a group is and where they are going. While every About section doesn’t live up to its purpose, it is a useful overview of what you can expect before you join.  

Word of mouth is another useful way to find marketing groups. We recommend asking friends and co-workers if they have a favorite community. The chances are they have more than a few recommendations. 

Don’t forget to read reviews, too. Reviews provide objective analysis that you might not get from group admins or a group member. Reading a few reviews should give you a clearer picture of which groups stand out from the competition.

Each of the groups included below covers a different swath of the marketing world, all contributing sage advice and copious resources. 

Top Free Facebook Groups for Digital Marketing Agencies

Local Marketing Agency Success

Local Marketing Success


  • Founded: 2014
  • 2,694 members
  • Owned by Josh Nelson
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Social learning, mentorship, digital marketing

Josh Nelson is a trusted name in marketing circles, transforming companies into million-dollar enterprises. His Facebook group, Local Marketing Agency Success, is an extension of his knowledge and resources. The group offers an inside track for members to learn growth hacks and apply their lessons to real-world scenarios.

It’s easy for the complexity of digital marketing to feel overwhelming. Local Marketing Agency Success breaks down the topics to an approachable level. This guiding hand is especially useful for industry newcomers that want to make a name for themselves in marketing. 

The close-knit community is also ideal for anyone that wants to know fellow group members on a first-name basis. Users play an active role in mentoring, advising, and support their peers, so they can start growing their business. Maintaining an open mind and remaining coachable are essential to get the most out of being a part of this community.

The Daily Carnage

the Daily Carnage

  • Founded: 2017
  • 12,694 members
  • Owned by Carney
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Marketing tips, marketing news

The Daily Carnage is an outshoot of a newsletter of the same name. Carney started the group as a place to discuss the newsletter, but it grew into a resource for sharing news, tips and tricks, and answering digital marketing questions. The group is a haven for marketing experts willing to share their knowledge and engage with new ideas. 

Think of The Daily Carnage as an automated RSS feed. Moderators curate relevant articles, news, and opinions, so you see content that applies directly to your needs. There is also a healthy dose of humor and light-heartedness to break up the day-to-day monotony. 

The group is the brainchild of Carney, a British marketing agency known for “building brands that break through the noise.” Carney’s proven track record makes the group a reliable tool for amateurs and veteran business owners alike. Anyone with an insatiable curiosity and eagerness to learn about marketing should request access to this group. 

Digital Marketing Questions & Answers

Digital Marketing Questions & Answers Facebook Group

  • Founded: 2013
  • 74,000 members
  • Owned by Sorav Jain, Nikhil Pradeep, and Rishi Jain
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Digital marketing, social media, blogging

Digital Marketing Questions & Answers is a go-to forum for industry inquiries. The group of digital marketing professionals covers every niche of digital marketing, from SEO to analytics growths to conversion optimization. It’s a prime opportunity to learn from the people with established track records.

Founder Sorav Jain cut his teeth as an expert on digital marketing and social media marketing in India. He has consulted more than 3,500 professionals to date and uses Digital Marketing Questions & Answers to share his insights. Jain often posts his own experience and thoughts to keep content relevant and fresh. 

While Jain is the face of Digital Marketing Questions & Answers, the content doesn’t have a branded feel. Members get actionable tips to improve their digital content every day. It’s a must-join group for social media managers who want to expand their audiences. 

Digital Marketing Hub

Digital Marketing Hub Facebook Group

  • Founded: 2015
  • 46,000 members
  • Owned by Digital Defynd and Prateek Shah
  • Type: Public
  • Topics: Growth hacking, CRO, entrepreneurship

Digital Marketing Hub is one of the few digital marketing groups on Facebook that started offline. Founder Prateek Shah created Digital Marketing Hub as an extension of his existing digital footprint. The creation corresponded with his work in digital marketing across Asia, advising corporations like Google India, Intracen, and CII.

The group’s mission is to “learn, share, and grow” in unison. It’s home to more than 40,000 industry practitioners that support others and answer digital marketing questions. There is even space to discuss industry trends and best practices. 

Digital Marketing Hub is a great group for anyone in search of no-nonsense Q&As. The regular discussions, interviews, and polls offer endless opportunities to pick the brains of marketing experts and grow professionally. It’s a truly egalitarian community where everyone tries to help each other.  

Facebook Ads Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants

Facebook Ads Strategies For Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Consultants

  • Founded: 2015
  • 4,900 members
  • Owned by Hernan Vazquez
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Entrepreneurship, marketing strategies, coaching

Fans of Hernan Vazquez should hit the “join group” button immediately at Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs. This Facebook ad strategist and digital marketing consultant shares his techniques to grow online audiences. Vazquez operates more than $7 million in advertising budgets across 20 media buyers. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs has three goals: generate more sales, optimize advertising campaigns, and establish industry credibility. Vazquez follows through with regular advice and Q&As. Members can ask questions on topics from sales funnels to ad placement to ensure they improve their business.

The best part of Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs is the weekly live AMAs (ask me anything sessions). They allow unfiltered access into the mind of an industry pioneer. Anyone in search of equal parts insight and motivation will relish their time in this group. 

CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

  • Founded: 2016
  • 10,600 members
  • Owned by CXL and Peep Laja
  • Type: Public
  • Topics: Growth strategies, conversion optimization

Founder Peep Laja is an evidence-based marketing evangelist. He started a forum to discuss and share his beliefs, only to have his Facebook group, CXL, usurp its popularity. The community offers a grounded and solutions-oriented approach to digital marketing.

Members run CXL, though there is occasionally oversight from moderators. The group discusses a wide range of topics, from conversion rate optimization (CRO) to bounce rate reduction strategies. You will appreciate the group’s practical and results-driven approach if you have an existing interest in a scientific approach to marketing.

While CXL accommodates many interests, the foremost goal is to increase conversion optimization. Social media managers and business owners have a golden ticket to grow their business strategically. Join the group for cutting-edge industry analysis, data studies, and customer feedback.

Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher (Formerly Badass Marketers & Founders)

Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher Facebook Group

  • Founded: 2016
  • 25,200 members
  • Owned by Josh Fetcher
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Marketing tactics, growth marketing, CRO

Josh Fechter founded Product & Growth and co-founded the writing platform Squibler. He expanded his brand with Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher, formerly known as Badass Marketers & Founders. The Facebook group provides members with innovative approaches to growth hacking. 

The group’s focus is narrow, which is why members value it. Content is only permissible if it directly relates to marketing tactics. Moderators screen and delete other posts to keep the group spam-free.   

Join Product & Growth with Josh Fetcher if you want step-by-step advice to improve your marketing campaigns. Members assist you through video interviews and relevant blogs, highlighting proven tactics to get better. There are also monthly giveaways and supplementary books. 

Marketing Solved

Marketing Solved Facebook Group

  • Founded: 2015
  • 18,600 members
  • Owned by Marketing Solved, Kat Sullivan, and Brian Sullivan
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Social media, training, marketing strategies

Founder Kate Sullivan is a problem solver. When digital marketers and business owners have a need, she is there with a solution. Her Facebook group, Marketing Solved, is a forum dedicated to assisting marketing professionals of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Sullivan is an active member of Marketing Solved. She created Instagram Monday, Promote Your Business Wednesday, and Facebook Friday so that members can get personalized feedback for their questions. Sullivan’s accessibility makes this one of the most approachable and user-friendly digital marketing groups on Facebook.

People come for the live coaching and giveaways opportunities at Marketing Solved. They stay for the connections and networking opportunities. The vibrant community is worth your consideration if you want to find a personal way to bolster your digital marketing campaigns. 

SaaS Growth Hacks

SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Group

  • Founded: 2016
  • 19,800 members
  • Owned by Aaron S. Krall, SGH Crew, and Marissa Koons Beaty
  • Type: Private
  • Topics: Entrepreneurship, CRO, marketing advice

Software as a service does not get as much attention as its industry counterparts. Aaron Krall is changing that. The SaaS Accelerator consultant created a SaaS Growth Hacks to assist companies selling software. 

Krall built his reputation helping technology-based businesses scale their growth. His incisive approach transitions well to his Facebook group, where he touts actionable advice and proven methodologies. Members tap into his wisdom with the group’s question and answer forum.  SaaS Growth Hacks is also one of the few digital marketing Facebook groups that allow self-promotion with its Special Offer Fridays.  

The group thrives as an amicable platform for people of all backgrounds. There is an emphasis on civil discourse without spam or promotional material. Anyone looking for narrowly tailored content-related to SaaS will appreciate the insight and candor SaaS Growth Hacks has to offer. 


Join the Club

Facebook groups are a vital resource for modern digital marketers. These nine marketing Facebook groups provide welcoming and informative communities that will make you better at your job. Whether you want to optimize conversion rates or understand social media marketing, there is a group waiting for you.

Make sure to join the Seven Figure Agency Facebook group. You can also follow Josh Nelson on YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter. We look forward to meeting you. 


People Also Ask

Can you advertise on Facebook groups?

Most marketing Facebook groups do not allow advertising. Groups prefer to inform and mentor members without an endless barrage of links, spams, or ads. You should look elsewhere is you want to self-promote.  

What are the best Facebook groups for digital marketing?

While we’ve covered nine wonderful options above, the best marketing Facebook group is one that serves your needs. The Daily Carnage is ideal for any people looking for the latest industry updates, while CXL is an outstanding resource for conversion optimization advice. Not sure which group to join? Join more than one, and see the benefits for yourself. Since leaving is as easy as joining, there’s no risk when experimenting.

Is it better to have a Facebook page or group?

Facebook groups and pages allow people to connect around an interest, whether that’s a company, hobby, or a public figure. Pages are ideal for businesses and public figures that want to develop an authentic presence on Facebook. Facebook designed groups for intimate communication, where people can share ideas, opinions, and interests. Many companies or organizations have both to maximize their exposure and user base.

How do brands use Facebook groups?

Brands use Facebook groups as a social forum for content related to their brand. That can include sharing news, new products and services, offering promotions, and organizing events. The group also serves as a platform for fans to come together around the brand.