Standing out online has never been more challenging. Fortunately, there is a wealth of resources to help you elevate your digital presence. Digital marketing videos on YouTube can kickstart your marketing or take it to the next level.

YouTube is full of friendly and informative videos, covering everything from social media marketing to search engine optimization (SEO). We make it our mission to share the best of the best, so your marketing presence gets the boost it deserves. You’ll find plenty of marketing information and insight with these YouTube channels that every digital marketing agency should know. 


The Best YouTube Channels for Digital Marketing Agencies

Seven Figure Agency

Seven Figure Agency YouTube Channel


Call us biased, but we consider Seven Figure Agency a go-to resource for online marketers and business owners. Josh Nelson started his company in 2011, and now it generates millions in revenue every year. Following Seven Figure Agency on YouTube marks the first step for digital marketers to start realizing that success for themselves.

Nelson started the YouTube channel for digital marketing in 2014. There, he posts short, easy-to-follow tips to strategically scale your marketing agency. His case study series, which includes testimonials from clients, offers a rare look behind the curtain at digital marketing strategies and results. 

If you have marketing questions, Seven Figure Agency can answer them. Nelson provides a roadmap to help you navigate common hurdles and ensure consistent year over year growth. Don’t forget to grab a free copy of The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap Book when you visit. 


Backlinko YouTube Channel

Brian Dean has made a name for himself as the founder of Backlinko, an online marketing blog founded in 2010. The blog reaches more than three million people a year and has appeared in major publications like Forbes and The Huffington Post. Dean expanded his SEO offerings to include YouTube videos in 2013. 

The Backlinko YouTube channel is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their search engine results. Dean offers actionable marketing strategies that make improvement more manageable for marketing amateurs and professionals alike. The channel has more than nine million views and 336,000 subscribers to date. 

Dean posts once a month. Most of his videos stick to SEO, though some of his most popular content focuses on how to start and grow a YouTube channel. Backlinko is worth following if you want to grow your business.   


Moz YouTube Channel

Moz has a singular focus on SEO, setting it apart from many digital marketing videos that focus on content marketing. The company is one of the original SEO online communities and shares ways to understand and use SEO strategies.  

Moz started its YouTube channel in 2012 and has accrued more than 2.5 million views since. Their videos focus on the technical aspects of SEO with videos covering featured snippets, cross domains, and image linking. While the company hasn’t upload since February 2019, the videos remain an excellent resource for technical SEO marketing. 

The highlight of the channel is Daily SEO Fix 2017. Moz breaks down different SEO topics in two to three-minute videos. Even if you’re up to your eyeballs in work, these videos offer a palatable way to get the information you need to improve your digital marketing.  


Ahrefs YouTube Channel






Ahrefs is similar to Moz. The SEO software suite has built a reputation as a leading resource for link building, ranking analysis, keyword search, and website audits. Ahrefs expanded its offerings in 2015 to include SEO tutorials on YouTube. 

The channel mission is simple: show viewers how to rank first on Google and other search engines. Beginners can find practical tips and advice in every weekly post. The playlist, aptly named SEO Tutorial for Beginners, is the best starting place for newcomers. 

While the channel focuses on SEO tutorials, Ahrefs also shares ways to improve your technical SEO, start a blog, and find original keywords. Anyone that already uses Ahrefs for marketing optimization will love its YouTube channel on digital marketing.


SEMrush YouTube Channel

More than five million people trust SEMrush when they need professional internet marketing tools and services. The international company opened in 2008 with a focus on marketing campaigns but has expanded its platform to include more than 40 advanced tools. SEMrush started its YouTube channel six years later and has since earned more than eight million views. 

The channel focuses on tutorials, tips, and webinars, and these concise, insightful videos serve marketers of all budgets. Viewers can apply the core lesson from these videos, whether they work at a startup or Fortune 500 company. 

If you only watch one thing from SEMrush, make it the SEMrush Academy series with Greg Gifford. The SEO consultant provides 31 lessons that explain some of the most frequently asked marketing questions. Some of the video topics include:

  • Understanding status codes
  • Linking signals
  • Structured data
  • Anchor text
  • Link analysis
  • Mobile SEO

SEMrush uploads some of the most astute digital marketing videos on YouTube. It’s why the channel has more than 50,000 subscribers and legions of loyal viewers. For more of their content, check out the SEOquake Team Projects and SEOquake YouTube pages. 


DigitalMarketer YouTube Channel

DigitalMarketer is an outline community of marketing experts. Its goal is to connect up-and-coming online marketers with the tools and information they need to become industry professionals. The YouTube channel on digital marketing recently revamped its content and now posts weekly videos.  

The DigitalMarketer channel has two staples: Marketing Mastery with Justin Rondeau on Wednesday and Marketing Challenges on Friday. Rondeau, the general manager at DigitalMarketer, offers short list-based videos to optimize different areas of marketing performance. That includes creating custom avatars, buying Facebook ads, and generating leads.

Marketing Challenges is the equivalent of a gameshow. Two employees face off in various challenges, such as writing a convincing sales pitch for Furby and creating a clickable email about sugar-free gummy bears. (Yes, those are real videos). Despite the light and irreverent tone, Marketing Challenges provides keen insight into how marketers achieve success. 

Many digital marketing videos on YouTube take themselves too seriously. DigitalMarketer does not. You’ll find yourself bingeing its videos, even if you have no marketing experience. All its videos dating back to 2013 make learning about digital marketing surprisingly fun. 


Unbounce YouTube Channel

Unbounce is newer to the Youtube digital marketing stage. The company started its channel in 2013, uploading videos that center on drag-and-drop webpage solutions. Each video covers a specific topic that helps viewers increase sales, leads, and marketing presence. 

Unbounce’s digital marketing videos on YouTube serve as the perfect complement to its software. It has an entire series called Landing Page Design Principles dedicated to landing page design. Host Oli Gardner walks you through the importance of direction, contrast, and other elements to funnel visitors toward key performance indexes (KPIs). 

Check out Unbounce if you want to convert your landing page into a must-visit destination. All you need is an internet connection—no coding experience necessary. The step-by-step guides provide a clear path to increase conversions, whether you have a custom website or a template. 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel YouTube Channel

Neil Patel is one of the biggest names in SEO. The Wall Street Journal heralded the British digital marketing entrepreneur as a top influencer in 2005, and Search Engine Journal crowned his website the “best social media blog” a year later. Today, he has a global audience of millions and a YouTube channel to provide it. 

Patel started his eponymous YouTube channel in 2011. He posts two to three times a week, primarily on SEO and advertising, helping digital marketers optimize their website and digital presence. That includes tips to increase backlinks and avoid common SEO pitfalls. 

Patel has more than two dozen playlists so that you can select videos based on your specific content marketing needs. The most popular is his Neil Knowledge series that provides actionable tips to grow your business. It’s the optimal way to learn digital marketing without all the trial and error.


HubSpot YouTube Channel

HubSpot is a full-service platform for online marketers. The company sells marketing, sales, software, and customer service solutions and now publically trades on the New York Stock Exchange. HubSpot expanded its customer support in 2007 with a daily YouTube channel.  

The YouTube channel casts a wide net with videos ranging from sales to service to CRM advice. Some of the recent posts include how to curate content for social media and determine your ad spend. The channel is a comprehensive resource for people with far-ranging content marketing questions.  

Marketing Tips & Tricks, one of the most viewed playlists, incorporates simple yet effective ways to understand and implement digital marketing strategies. HubSpot gives people the foundation they need for marketing basics, like link building and calls to action, to ensure their company message reaches the intended audience. 

Jay Baer

Jay Baer YouTube Channel

Jay Baer has advised more than 700 companies as a business strategist, written four New York Times best-selling books, and owns “the world’s #1 content marketing blog,” Convince & Convert Media. He also has a YouTube channel for SEO-minded marketers.

While Baer has had a YouTube channel since 2008, he only started posting weekly videos in 2011. His channel focuses on ways for business owners and marketers to attract more customers with digital marketing. Some of his recent videos cover optimizing videos, improving webinars, and adding value through social media.

The playlist, Content Marketing Explained with Jay Baer, offers an entry point into digital marketing on YouTube. Each video explores different parts of content strategy. The two-minute segments distill essential advice into a digestible form to make companies show their value through help, instead of hype. 

The GaryVee Video Experience

The GaryVee Video Experience YouTube Channel

Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee, is a social media master, New York Times bestseller, and Internet personality. His greatest claim to fame is his digital marketing work for his communications company, VaynerX. 

Vaynerchuk adopted YouTube marketing early, starting his channel in 2007. He posts almost every day with video topics as eclectic as his personality. Recent videos cover ways to create a TikTok business strategy, determine your self-worth, and turn weaknesses into strengths.

Vaynerchuck has cultivated a passionate following of people looking for financial advice, even if most of those people aren’t business owners or entrepreneurs. He breaks down the traditional barriers of entering into business so anyone can turn their skills into a profit. His channel offers much more than marketing advice, encompassing the lifestyle of entrepreneurial dreams.  

The GaryVee Video Experience works well for people who want a holistic approach to digital marketing. Vaynerchuk offers insight, emotional intelligence, and inspiration in a way that few online personalities can match. This comprehensive video collection makes The GaryVee Experience one of the best digital marketing channels on YouTube. 

Google Webmaster Help

Google Webmaster Help YouTube Channel

You probably know that Google has the world’s most popular and widely-used search engine. The tech giant is also responsible for cutting-edge technologies in cloud computing, software, hardware, and online advertising. It even created a YouTube channel to help people develop better websites.

Google Webmasters has a narrow focus. It posts videos several times a month that help website creators understand and improve their search engine rankings. The support-related channel demystifies rankings and provides the transparency you need to rank on Google and other search engines.

Google Webmaster’s most popular digital marketing videos focus on new products and features. It has a video with the answer you need, whether you’re unsure how CAPTCHA, search consoles, or custom searches work. The channel has more than 40 million views since posting its first video in 2009.


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